When the kitchen frees itself from tall furniture

When the kitchen frees itself from tall furniture

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In the traditional scheme, a kitchen is made up of both low cabinets that serve as worktops and tall cabinets dedicated to storage. But for some time now, kitchens have decided to free themselves from tall furniture to lighten the space.

Ultra pure cuisine

Fly In this very refined and immaculate white kitchen, the tall units disappear to offer even purer lines to the kitchen. They are replaced by invisible fixing shelves which offer a graphic style.

Professional cooking

Ikea In the professional kitchen, there is no high furniture because the walls are used to always have on hand the essential kitchen accessories with magnetic knife bars and shelves for condiments.

Low furniture multiplied

Aviva If you do not opt ​​for tall furniture and your kitchen is large enough, consider increasing the surface area of ​​low furniture so that you can still store as many kitchen accessories as possible. You also gain in work plan.

A kitchen that uses walls

Ikea Just because this kitchen doesn't have tall furniture doesn't mean it doesn't use the walls. Indeed, we installed an easel to put a cookbook, a slate for the shopping list and especially shelves to store some dishes. And everything is very practical.

Decorative shelves on the walls

Paragraph and if you have enough low furniture to store all your accessories, why not use the wall surface to install shelves that will accommodate decorative items that will brighten up the kitchen.

A shelf in place of the furniture

Purpose In this kitchen, the tall units have been replaced by a long shelf that runs the length of the worktop, just above the credenza. So you can still put away a few items without weighing down the kitchen.

Tall furniture replaced by a storage unit

Baker This kitchen multiplies the low furniture which creates a U-shaped kitchen. And to give height to the room, we used a storage block in the center which accommodates an oven and a large storage cupboard.

A kitchen that uses all the height

Ikea In this bistro-style kitchen, the tall units give way to shelves, credenza bars and even hooks which are fixed to the ceiling to hang some fresh herbs or pots in an original way.

A window instead of tall furniture

Schmidt If you do not want to opt for tall furniture, you will be able to offer yourself a different kitchen layout that can open onto a window in order to cook with the view of the garden.

A decorative clock

Purpose The built-in cupboard is the winning solution when you do not want to add tall furniture in the kitchen. It only remains to decorate the walls left bare with an anise green clock for example.

Letters and pots

Cuisinella Between the built-in cupboard and the two islands, do you have enough space to store everything? It is therefore unnecessary to add tall furniture that will overload the decor. Replace them with a few decorative items such as these large metal letters and two or three pots.

All in length

Ikea You have a long kitchen but you do not know how to arrange it so as not to give it the impression of being narrow? Do not install tall units and the room will immediately be more ventilated.

Color splashes

Aviva Here is a good idea to reproduce if you too have decided not to put tall furniture in your kitchen. Replace them with pretty touches of color that brighten up the room.

All in one piece

Aviva To avoid having to make holes in the wall in the kitchen, it is also possible to use low cabinets that are higher than those used under the worktop. They can then accommodate all the household appliances such as the oven, the microwave and even the fridge!

A designer hood

Schmidt In this rounded kitchen, tall furniture is not essential. But to still dress the wall, we put on a long hood with a design look that harmonizes wonderfully with the low furniture in the very contemporary style.

A large closet

Ikea Neither low cabinet nor high cabinet in this kitchen but only one large cupboard which is exposed on the wall and which allows to store the provisions. Complemented by a central island, this kitchen is very practical in everyday life.

Rails on the wall

Schmidt Here too the tall units were not invited. Rails have been installed in their place on which baskets or small shelves can be hung. Salt, pepper, spices and other aromatic plants will be happy to slip into it.

Large shelves

Ikea Favorite for this kitchen which has not relied on any furniture and who preferred to use large shelves that cover the entire wall. Thus, the dishes are exposed and becomes a real decorative element.

Coat hooks for utensils

Ikea You have decided not to opt for high furniture in the kitchen but you still want to optimize the walls? Install a multitude of coat hooks that will accommodate all your kitchen utensils and that will make your life easier!


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