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My decor by the water

My decor by the water

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The decor over the water inspires us. Sea, river, swimming pool offer a beautiful setting to enhance your garden furniture. So take out the cushions, the parasols and the deckchairs and make yourself comfortable to admire the view that awaits you before our amazed eyes.

On the edge of a lake

Ikea Two contemporary armchairs and a warm blanket are enough to take full advantage of the absolute calm offered by nature. Set back from the mainland, to be as isolated as possible, we do not forget the cooler and the thermos for an aperitif in the open air.

Healthy self-service by the pool

Fly For small appetites, have something to drink and snack on one of the edges of the pool. Colorful carafes, cups of fresh fruit and gourmet cupcakes are as much to devour the eyes as gastronomically!

The decor on board

Maisons du Monde The deck of the boat hosts an ultra-comfortable garden furniture set made up of large woven resin deckchairs. Combining with the warmth of wood, it is easy to maintain and is designed to withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

A terrace with a view

Ikea With a plunging view of the sea, the terrace is not cluttered with flourishes. On the contrary, it plays the card of sobriety by displaying a comfortable garden furniture with pure lines which invites the spirit to escape.

On the pontoon of a river

Maisons du Monde Along the river, a wooden pontoon hosts a garden furniture made up of three beautiful seats arranged opposite one another to encourage conversations, while enjoying the view.

On the Atlantic coast

Fly The decor on the Atlantic side is inspired by Anglo-Saxon furniture and in particular the Adirondack armchair designed in North America at the beginning of the XXth century. Reworked and revisited with acid colors, it offers approved comfort for over a century!

A stylish pool beach

Royal Botanica A fifties air hovers by the pool with the garden furniture which is inspired by the emblematic lines of this very significant period in terms of design. An interesting contrast to the contemporary swimming pool!

By the Mediterranean

Alinea The sun of Provence reaches the terrace which overlooks the sea. The latter in exotic wood is furnished with a sleek white garden furniture so as not to steal the show from the landscape and the candles and crockery have been chosen in blue color resonate with the deep blue of the sea.

A picnic on the beach

Tissage de Luz What if we improvise a picnic on the beach for those who are not lucky enough to have water nearby? A beautiful striped tablecloth of bayadère spirit in blue tones to remind the sea and a pretty appropriate crockery are enough to spend an unforgettable moment.