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10 ideas for storing a few books in the bedroom

10 ideas for storing a few books in the bedroom

If you do not plan to fall asleep without reading a few lines of a good book, your room must then accommodate some books so that you always have a book on hand. But without opting for a bookcase in this room, there are a few tips for keeping your best titles close to the bed.

Small storage lockers

Ikea To store a few books without installing a large dedicated piece of furniture, you can simply bet on a few storage lockers that you can stack and adjust according to your needs and your new purchases.

On a window sill

Maisons du monde Consider playing the 2 in 1 card by arranging books and also using them as decorative accessories. For example, you can put a few books (not too much for it to be easy to remove) on the windowsill to add a decorative touch.

On a dresser

Maisons du monde Likewise, books can also be used as decorative objects in their own right by being installed on a chest of drawers for example. You will take care to stack them harmoniously and you will choose the most beautiful slices to highlight.

Under the bed

Alinéa Don't get me wrong, it's not a question of storing your books under the bed but of exposing them under your bed! Some beds have storage shelves just under the mattress for clever storage.

On the headboard

Alinéa To save storage space, many brands offer headboards with shelves. It will be ideal for sliding a few books and it will even be very easy to put away your work before closing your eyes.

Wall shelves

Purpose To dress your walls, also think of books! To do this, simply install one or more shelves of your choice and install your favorite books which will then also serve as decorative items.

In a recess

Purpose If your room has a recess in the wall or a niche, your extra library is all found! You will simply have to install your books in the middle of a few decorative items to avoid monotony.

Stacked books

Fly If you have a large one, be aware that they can be used as a sculpture. For this, we choose works of similar sizes and stack them on the ground like a cultural totem.

Books above the door

Ikea Finally, if you lack space, use the surface above the bedroom door to have a shelf that will allow you to store some books without taking up too much space.