A romantic style decor in the kitchen

A romantic style decor in the kitchen

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Even if the kitchen is no longer just for women, nothing prevents you from bringing it a feminine touch thanks to the romantic style. With a selection of furniture, well-chosen colors and a few decorative ideas, the kitchen becomes a soft and pleasant room.

A touch of old

Leroy Merlin ### A romantic decor also involves antique furniture. If we prefer to avoid overly feminine tones, we then put on the charm of yesteryear for a decor like "Little house in the meadow". Opt for light tones that will go perfectly with black accessories.

"Rustic chic" style furniture

Goal ### Choose traditional furniture with ornate doors! But to modernize everything, bet on white which will replace the color of the wood which can turn out to be too rustic. Do not hesitate to recreate the atmosphere of a perfect housewife's kitchen.

Feminine accessories

Ikea ### Note that you can also bring a romantic touch by adding only a few decorative accessories to your kitchen. If your kitchen is completely white, it will be easy to accessorize it: a patterned wallpaper, a few plants, a cake server and voila!

A bucolic charm

Ikea ### Imagine cooking like a small living room! You can opt for pastel colors for kitchen furniture: combine pink cupboard doors with white ones. And for a truly feminine touch, choose a flower credenza.


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