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One decorative meal per country

One decorative meal per country

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Since the month of May tickles our travel desires, we take you on a world tour (or almost) of typical meals by associating with each of them, a decorative style to follow to the letter or not.

Moroccan decorative meal

Ikéa Tagine dish with oriental motifs, some spices, dried fruit and juicy lemons lying around here and there. Welcome to Morocco !

French decorative meal

Ikéa A traditional quiche on the menu, but not only. The decor, we want it both simple (classic dishes) and subtle (stylized place card, doubled tablecloth, original patterns): in short, the French Touch par excellence!

Italian decorative meal

Ikéa Pizza party at home! Here, the table decoration does not even go to the trouble of taking out a large tray. A simple cutting board in which everyone uses does the trick. The cool attitude, we love!

Italian decorative meal

Ikéa Second Italian meal on the list, because we like Italian flavors: carbonara pasta. A family meal that is enjoyed in a convivial atmosphere with everyday dishes!

English decorative meal

Magimix Who says English breakfast says a breakfast where chic and generosity meet! Even the toaster is at the top of refinement!

Chinese decorative meal

Delamaison Hollow plates, a woody atmosphere and a set of chopsticks: here is a sophisticated Chinese table setting to take or leave.

Swiss decorative meal

Bron Coucke Fondue party on the horizon! The dishes are rustic to accentuate the high mountain effect and convivial dish. Who is for?

American decorative meal

Siméo Tonight is hot dog evening. Table decor like American dining on the program and here we are across the Atlantic.

Brazilian decorative meal

Purpose Under the tropical sunlight, the table is full of exotic fruits arranged in a large basket. A color mix as beautiful as it is appetizing!