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5 ideas to create a workshop style in your interior

5 ideas to create a workshop style in your interior

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The workshop style seduces with its originality and its bohemian side! In the house, it finds its place both in the office and in the dining room thanks to some furniture and accessories that set the tone. Here are five ideas to bring workshop style into your home.

The workshop kitchen

Saint-Maclou ### The workshop kitchen is a mixture of industrial objects and antique furniture. We choose old kitchen furniture and opt for an aged floor. On the furniture side, a few metal chairs will decorate the room. And for decoration, we hunt for old metal dishes.

Metal stools

La Redoute ### For a workshop style in the house, you can bet on just one accessory. Among the essentials, we choose a high metal stool that seems straight out of a factory. We bet on the Tolix brand to equip ourselves.

An architect's office

La Redoute ### The workshop style must have an office where you will create sketches for your next layouts and projects of all kinds. The office that best represents the workshop style is the architect's office that tilts to offer you an optimal work surface.

An accumulation of objects

Leroy Merlin ### In the workshop style, we collect, we hunt and we accumulate objects. So to store your finds, opt for large metal shelves for a very raw but ultra functional appearance.