What type of faucet to choose for the bathroom?

What type of faucet to choose for the bathroom?

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When choosing the faucet for the shower and / or the bathroom sink, we focus on aesthetics, but not only! On the practical side, here are 4 models available on the market: the mixing valve, mixing valve, thermostatic and timed. We help you make your choice!

Shower mixer tap

Leroy Merlin Here is another version of the mixer tap. Note that here, the opening and closing system is not equipped with authentic valve heads but with disc heads, more modern and more comfortable to use!

The waterfall mixer

Castorama After practicality: aesthetics! The overall modern design of the mixer taps has made them particularly designer fittings. The proof with this "cascade" effect model.

2nd option: the mixer tap

Castorama Mixers are the most common faucet option. Their practicality (a single rotary control rather than two heads), makes them more attractive and more modern than mixer taps.

The mixer with digital screen

Castorama Aesthetic, and even technological. For the most trendy high-tech, there are indeed mixers combining functionality and design for a latest generation rendering. Demonstration with this model equipped with a screen with touch control to limit the flow of water!

3rd option: the thermostatic valve

Leroy Merlin On the shower side, the thermostatic mixing valves are used to control the flow and temperature of the water. Between comfort and savings, all the reasons are good to crack.

The thermostatic shower mixer

Leroy Merlin How it works: two separate controls or heads to adjust the temperature on one side and the water flow rate on the other. Convenient to take a shower at a constant temperature every morning, prevent small children from getting burned, and limit the flow or excessively high temperatures.

Thermostatic valve

Grohe Note that for this type of tap, it is imperative to be equipped with a water tank and not a simple instantaneous water heater. Indeed, the capacity of the latter is insufficient to keep the water at constant temperature!

4th option: the timed tap

Cedam Last on the list: the timed tap! Very common in public toilets, it is less common in homes because of its cost. We know the system: as soon as our hands approach it, it starts automatically, and also stops automatically after a specific time.

The self-closing basin tap

Savil Rubinetterie Regarding the models of timed taps, there is something for everyone! If the best known are triggered by a presence sensor, others operate by lever or by a button. In this case, the water flow is stopped automatically.