Romanticism in the garden

Romanticism in the garden

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Would spring have grown romantic wings in the garden? To believe the following inspirations, the answer is more than affirmative ... Who will succumb?

Romantic hammock

AM.PM Unbleached color, beautifully knotted fringes flying away with the wind: with this charming hammock, the hour of idleness has never been so romantic…

Romantic outdoor bed

Maisons du Monde The canopy bed invites itself outside. It's hard to praise romanticism and laziness more beautifully!

Romantic accessorization

AM.PM Sometimes a detail is enough to reveal the romanticism of the garden. Here, it is the light and decorative garland suspended in the air above the dining table that does it…

Romantic marquee

Leroy Merlin Magically out of the ground, the snow-white marquees are not just for weddings. In the garden, they are a playground, a terrace area and an ideal relaxation area. All with a romantic charisma possible!

Romantic dining area

AM.PM With its wrought iron furniture, this dining area has forged a highly romantic style. For a Dolce Vita type garden, we're a fan.

Romantic furnishings

Jardins des Martels A perfectly maintained pond, a Japanese bridge, water lilies and pretty flowers: sometimes a little water is enough to bring out the charm and the intensely soothing side of the garden. This one already makes us dream…

Romantic lighting

Ikéa How can you resist these luminous paper balls which offer any delicious outdoor meal, everyday dinners combined, in a delightfully intimate atmosphere? We are melting away.

Romantic relaxation corner

Leroy Merlin Set back from the garden, this subtly insulated bench decorated with two plant lanterns is a real invitation to relax. Dolce Vita before the time and at home, this is an easily accessible luxury!

Romantic table decor

Blanc des Vosges Furniture is not the only master of romanticism when it comes to "outdoor dining". The table decoration, thanks to a nice tablecloth and choice tableware, also shines in terms of charm and excellence.


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