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10 multifunctional furniture to optimize small spaces

10 multifunctional furniture to optimize small spaces

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Living in a small apartment or studio often requires making some sacrifices on the furniture side. However there are today smart and very decorative solutions for each space to be multifunctional and ultra functional. We have found 10 of them that are sure to surprise you.

A side table - storage unit

Ikéa Near the sofa, this side table allows you to place the remote controls for TV and other magazines. As for its storage floors, they offer you the possibility of filing some papers.

A work plan - library

Ikéa In this kitchen, the worktop has a very practical function when there is not enough space in the living room: that of the library. You can store your cookbooks as well as these favorite adventure novels.

A bench - convenient

Maisons du Monde In a hallway, a small bench can be very practical to put your shoes on before going out. The little extra of this charming model? Drawers and baskets to save storage space.

A buffet - dinner table

Miliboo This buffet has a well hidden secret: a dining table that folds out and folds up as needed. You just have to decorate it as it should to welcome your guests.

A bed - desk

Royale Déco In a small child's bedroom, do not hesitate to choose a bed that combines the desk and storage cupboards for your belongings. As for the drawers of the steps, they allow him to slide all his toys.

A lamp - stool

Ikéa Ikea signs a new multifunctional piece to adapt to small spaces with this lamp, which can also be used as a stool or as a coffee table or bedside table. Convenient !

A pouf - chest

Maisons du Monde In a child's or adolescent's bedroom, an ottoman can be very useful when it receives friends at home. It is all the more practical if it has storage drawers or a small chest to slide what is lying around before their arrival.

A console - dining table

So Factory Your living room is very small but you like to invite people to dinner regularly? Bet on this console which once unfolded turns into a real designer dining table.

A dinner table - ping pong table

Fleux If you are a fan of ping-pong but you don't have the space to set up a game table at home, we have the solution. This very designer dining table allows you to play a small game after lunch.