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Design idea: our April favorites

Design idea: our April favorites

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Angélique, Gwenaëlle, Josiane, Martine and Nathalie shared their decorating ideas with us. From the little girl's bedroom to the modern kitchen via a relaxing lounge, discover their facilities.

Gwenaëlle's dining room

DR In this dining room, light colors are in the spotlight, which makes the room very bright. The pearl gray on the walls highlights the various decorative elements such as the heart mirror and the wrought iron candlestick.

Josiane's dining room

DR Josiane plays with contrasts in her dining room and living room. The light tones on the walls highlight different darker elements such as the black leather armchairs and the slate gray sideboard. Finally, the touches of lime green found on the cousin and the place mats are a reminder of one of the walls of the room and bring color to the room.

Martine's kitchen

DR This kitchen is both modern and functional. The numerous storage spaces are a plus for a pleasant kitchen. The furniture being light, choosing a dark gray on the wall is ideal because this shade highlights the kitchen.

The bedroom of Célia, Nathalie's daughter

DR In this little girl's room, the different shades of pink are in the spotlight: fuchsia, raspberry pink, dragée pink, cherry pink ... The bright colors are perfect for arousing children.