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The decoration of the walls of the baby's room in pictures

The decoration of the walls of the baby's room in pictures

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Just because babies are not fully aware of the decor of their room does not mean that it should be treated! On the contrary, colors and shapes can stimulate your baby to wake him up. So on the walls, play the decorative card with our ideas to discover in pictures.

A colored wall

Vertbaudet To give an atmosphere to the room, you can use color. For this, you will be able to paint a wall in color to make it stand out. Do not hesitate also to play with textures thanks to a wall covered with wood for example.

Colored walls

Vertbaudet Because babies are quick to perceive colors, we can have fun with the wall panels to stimulate them. You can for example opt for two colors. You will choose a natural and warm color for a wall section and you can dare a slightly brighter color on a second wall.

A measuring rod on the wall

Vertbaudet Even if baby is not going to use this height rod right away, it allows you to decorate the room in a fun way while being useful for measuring the centimeters that children gain quickly. The height gauge becomes a game!

A garland on the wall

Vertbaudet To awaken the little ones, you can also install a garland of pennants on the wall. It will bring a little color to the room in a fun way. To do this, bet on pennants of different colors.

A light fixture on the wall

Ikea To decorate your wall, think also of decorative sconces which can create a small light ideal for sleeping baby but also to decorate in a practical way part of the wall.

Shelves on the wall

Ikea Why not use the storage shelves as a decorative accessory to decorate the walls? You can then store some baby products but remember to supplement with plush toys for the childlike spirit.

A graphic wall

La Redoute So that babies are stimulated by the walls, play with graphic accessories! You can for example bet on peas on the walls or other strong patterns in small doses. And why not write the child's first name with large letters?

Stickers on the walls

La Redoute And to decorate the walls of the nursery in the blink of an eye, you can count on the stickers! They allow you to create a decorative atmosphere just by using the walls.

Pretty coat hooks

Prairymood Finally, consider installing coat hooks on the wall. In addition to decorating it, it will be practical for storing some accessories or for displaying the most beautiful baby outfits.