20 decorative taps for the kitchen

20 decorative taps for the kitchen

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Indispensable accessory of the kitchen, the tap offers different looks to integrate into all styles of kitchens. With hand shower or mixer tap, in a contemporary or retro style, for professional or family use… There is something for everyone. Beyond its look and the material in which it is made, it is also functional and practical to be a real ally behind the stove. And yes, you will see that it is not only used to wash your hands.

Opt for a mini hand shower

Design Faucets This faucet is ultra functional if you have a large sink. With its flexible arm, it turns into a small shower to be able to go into the recesses of your sink. The little extra? The matt black color, quite rare in fittings stores, which gives a vintage look to the room.

Mix the materials

Sumela Cuisines The mix of materials at the side, provided that they are raw materials. Here, the granite worktop goes very well with the rather minimalist stainless steel tap compared to the fairly robust appearance of the surface.

A nice design curve

Lacroix Décor The faucet has become a decorative accessory in its own right in the kitchen. At the time of purchase, forget for a moment its functionality and bet on a design like this very refined model. The mixer is also beautifully designed.

Integrated shower

Leroy Merlin Here is a fairly classic model but which is still quite functional. It swivels and has a stretchable shower for more convenience. Preferably install it on a stainless steel or resin sink in a traditional room.

The tap for a double sink

Grohe If you have a fairly large double sink sink, prefer a rather minimalist tap, like this fine stainless steel tap. The mixer, located on the side, allows you to better wash your dishes or wash your laundry in one of the two tubs.

Manage water pressure

Castorama This designer mixer tap has a large shower, which can be managed with a button, independently of the classic mixer tap. You can therefore better measure the water pressure and the place you want to wash or rinse.

Foldable tap

Jacob Delafon Here is a model to say the least unusual but which will save you space in the kitchen. In a narrow room or a space with plenty of storage space, a foldable tap is ideal. You just have to turn it and place it against your sink when you are not using it and thus avoid lime marks.

For a professional kitchen

Grohe If you dream of having a chef's kitchen to cook good meals, you can already treat yourself to a competition tap! Its large shower is designed more for double sinks so that you can easily rinse your food while developing your recipe.

Put color behind the stoves

Leroy Merlin In this two-color kitchen, the neon yellow of the sink and the surfaces of the furniture awakens the black worktop. The metal tap is therefore discreet to avoid overloading the room and harmonizes with the extractor hood and other household appliances.

A fun water supply

Hansgrohe Here is an object that will appeal to children! This adjustable tap (reference Métris Select) has a button to open and close the water, which is quite clever when you are in a hurry in the kitchen and you are in the middle of preparing a recipe. The mixer is installed separately.

A retro tap

Lacroix Décor In a rustic kitchen or a slightly vintage room, this slightly aged brown faucet gives a unique style. Preferably install it on an earthenware sink or built in a timeless raw material.

A geometric model

Mobalpa If your kitchen is modern and elegant like this black Mobalpa model, opt for a geometric faucet that will blend perfectly with the ambiance of the room. Here, the metallic color matches the large stainless steel worktop.

Choose the tap of a central island

Leroy Merlin On a central island, the tap must above all be functional to optimize the design of the kitchen. Here, this mixer tap model is high enough to make the hand shower easier to use. Take care that the sink is placed as close as possible to the end of the island.

Dare a light tap

Design taps This rather unusual tap gives color to the water. You can change the color of the LED lights in the tap to change the mood. What encourage the little ones to wash their hands before going to the table!

Prefer an aesthetic model

Twenga If the functionality of the tap is important in the kitchen, aesthetics is just as important. Before going to the store to change your taps, take the measurements of your sink and especially the height you have. Also remember to check if you have room to install several mixers.

A competition tap!

Leroy Merlin Notice to cooking enthusiasts! This Leroy Merlin mixer tap is ideal on a central island or in a stainless steel kitchen worthy of the greatest chefs. Very handy, it allows you to prepare your vegetables, rinse your salad or rinse your dishes well in two stages three movements.

Fall for a wall tap

Axor If your sink is glued to a wall and you like minimalist decor, you can fix a tap directly on the wall. You will also avoid having too much traces of limestone. Remember to clean (very) regularly your taps and apply a specific product to make them shine.

For your summer barbecues

Blooma In an outdoor kitchen, you should also think about integrating a tap so as not to chain back and forth inside to wash your hands or clean your barbecue utensils. So be careful when purchasing.

A tap with a mat finish

Lapeyre The Lapeyre Ytrac kitchen had the good idea to install a matt tap, which differs from the brilliant models. It blends more with the decor and goes very well with a dark worktop.


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