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Kids: 10 decor ideas to make them love school

Kids: 10 decor ideas to make them love school

Whether we liked it or hated it, the school made a lasting impression on us. Also, it is not without a touch of nostalgia that we support Junior in his first years of learning ... Because we want the best for the school life of our child, we go around the decorative ideas to make him love the 'school. Book display, wall slate, desk desk and coat rack: everything is "like school". So, if with all this he is not at the top of the class, we understand more…

A wall slate

Castorama Children love to scribble on the walls of the house… So before they revamp your white walls with a beautiful naive Art effect that will be to your liking (or not!), Why not give them the opportunity to leave free rein to their imagination on the family wall slate? And between two drawings we take the opportunity to revise the multiplication table of 3!

A desk desk

Maisons du Monde Inspired by the desks of yesteryear, this nicely regressive school desk makes you want to go do your homework in your room. Its slightly inclined tray allows children to bury notebooks and pencils. And the question "Did you do homework?" is miraculously replaced by the exclamation "You have already finished your homework!"

Low shelves with adapted bins

Vert Baudet Who doesn't remember the lockers for personal storage that used to store our small things at school? Schoolbag, books, pencil case, pencils, blouse for drawing: everything found its place! A great idea to reproduce in Junior's room by combining, as here, low shelves and adapted bins.

A hopscotch rug

Lilipinso Youpi, it's recess time! This 100% contemporary and graphic hopscotch rug caters to those who prefer the playground to the classroom. Perfect for keeping him playing, alone or with his friends, for hours on end, while teaching him to keep balance and count.

A garland with letters (or drawings)

Nordic Factory Learn the alphabet by looking up at the wall (or ceiling): this is the simple idea of ​​this garland of letters which lends itself to the most beautiful educational settings. Aspiring artists will prefer to display their works of art (pending their next exhibition at the Tate Modern). Jean-Michel Basquiat as a child would not have resisted it…

A world map sticker

Mimi Lou You have tried to make him revise his geography but nothing helps, he always confuses Africa and Asia ... It was before he tried this sticker world map Mimi Lou. On the menu ? 40 repositionable tablets to learn while having fun ... "Dad, mom, don't you know the capital of Tajikistan? Roo shame ..."

A coat rack

Vert Baudet The old-school element essential to make him love school (and especially to remind him): it's him, the metal-style coat rack where you hung your satchel formerly (but yes, remember To play the game fully, add your child's little name below the coat hook… You could almost believe it!

A globe

Maisons du Monde The terrestrial globe is the item of choice to make him discover geography with the tips of his fingers, rapturing for hours in the face of the endless adventures that await him around the world ... To combine educational and decorative, the little planet adds a nice touch of curiosity cabinet in a child's room but also everywhere else in the house.

A memo / bulletin board

Vert Baudet Between his homework, his birthday snacks and his extracurricular activities, your little one (and yourself) do not know where to turn? To be sure not to forget anything, just one prescription: adopt a decorative collage! Invitations, homework list, photos, little words from mom and pretty drawings are all there in the blink of an eye. Look, it's time to revise poetry!