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Papier Tigre launches a wallpaper collection

Papier Tigre launches a wallpaper collection

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The Papier Tigre brand innovates and now offers several models of wallpaper in its image: colorful, graphic and poetic. On the program, geometric shapes, sometimes pastel colors sometimes vivid and avant-garde patterns. Something to spice up your interior so as not to sink into the gloom of winter. Zoom on a selection of vitamin wallcoverings.

We have the right to write on the walls!

Tiger Paper Here is a wallpaper that will appeal to the little ones. With him, writing on the walls is allowed! In fact, this perpetual calendar aims to remind you of all the important dates and appointments of the year. Install it in a child's room or in an office area to write down some reminders, quotes and other little words.

For lovers of Paris

Papier Tigre Notice to those nostalgic for the capital or inveterate Parisians! This wallpaper nicely pays homage to one (if not THE) most beautiful city in the world by staging the rooftops of Paris in a two-tone coating (115 euros) that we will not see in everyone.

A graphic wallpaper

Tiger Paper For an arty touch in a living room or an office, this Le Glacier wallpaper is ideal. He mixes geometric shapes and opposite colors for a modern and explosive look. With this type of wall covering, prefer designer and refined furniture and do not overload the space with knick-knacks and light fixtures.

A futuristic piece

Papier Tigre This model also represents Parisian roofs but this time in a futuristic style which will find its place perfectly in a very contemporary interior. To avoid darkening the room further, add lamps and prefer light wooden furniture.

Have a mosaic effect on the wall

Tiger Paper Do you want to have a mosaic effect without investing in cement tiles to stick to the walls? It's possible ! The proof, Papier Tigre imagined this wallpaper Opus # 2 in trompe-l'oeil (55 euros). Looking at it from a distance, one has the impression of facing a tiled floor, and yet it is indeed a wallpaper!

To measure children!

Papier Tigre This model stamped Le Regard is perfect in a hallway, an entrance hall or a child's bedroom. You will be able to measure your toddlers and write their age to create a real growth curve on your wall. The slightly psychedelic motif also makes it possible to visually enlarge the space.

Play on the effects of matter

Papier Tigre The Papier Tigre wallpapers play with colors but also with a material effect like this Opus # 1 model composed of beige, blue and red which gives relief to the room while bringing it a touch of additional brightness.

Create the decor with wallpaper

Tiger paper Much more than a simple wall covering, colored wallpaper can truly create the decor and atmosphere of the room as in this living room where you would think that a landscape is taking shape before us (reference Ecorces, 115 euros). It is ideal for traveling while awakening in a cozy living room or office area.

An arty and design interior

Tiger Paper In a Scandinavian style apartment or a very designer room, opt for a graphic and colorful wallpaper (reference The Sunset, 115 euros) that will go perfectly with wooden furniture, copper suspensions and a fluffy carpet.