Before / After: renovate and optimize a 10m² kitchen

Before / After: renovate and optimize a 10m² kitchen

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In this apartment located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, the owners wanted to completely redo the kitchen so that it is more modern and above all more functional. To renovate and give a facelift to this small space, they called on the interior designer Aurore Pannier. On the program, tips for optimizing space, installing a dining area in the kitchen and a fairly spectacular makeover. We show you around! ** Area: ** 10.5m² ** Budget: ** € 16,000 including VAT for the complete renovation of the kitchen, therefore € 8,000 of purchase

A brighter room

Interior Paris ** After: ** The new kitchen has been completely renovated. The floor, the walls but also the kitchen elements, plumbing and electricity have been completely redone. The kitchen elements are Hygena branded and sport an iceberg blue color, resolutely trendy. To bring more light to this small space, the splashback was built in ecru Manhattan tiles (purchased from the Stile's store in the 13th arrondissement of Paris) while the majority of the walls were painted white.

Declutter the sink area

Interior Paris ** Before: ** The sink area was very narrow due to the kitchen storage located at the top and bottom. The latter were there also painted in different colors which were not very harmonious and which were not in agreement with the colors of the other facades. In addition, there was a glaring loss of space in the room which concentrated on only two parts of the space.

Modernize the washing-up area

Indoor Paris ** After: ** The new sink is more modern and has an integrated drip tray to save space. The splashback in immaculate tiling enlarges the space and the blue storage elements give more pep's to the room without neglecting the storage space.

Set up a space dedicated to meals

Interior Paris ** After: ** A dining area was installed on the wall that was not used initially. The counter serves both as a dining table but also as an additional work plan to be able to cook when receiving guests, especially since the latter is in the same color as the work plan on the other side of the room.

A difficult site

Interior Paris ** Before: ** The main difficulty of the site lay in the fact that all the kitchen walls were load-bearing. Making the electric trenches in reinforced concrete was not easy for the architect! Furthermore, the floor was not at the same level between the kitchen part and the part which leads to the terrace. It was therefore necessary to make a leveling to level the floors and avoid any threshold bar between the tiles and the parquet.

An ingenious dining area

Indoor Paris ** After: ** To optimize the dining area, Aurore Pannier had the good idea to integrate storage to be able to store more dishes and utensils to unclutter the small kitchen as much as possible. The sockets have been placed above the worktop so that you can install some household appliances for breakfast such as a toaster or a blender.

A modern and clever kitchen area

Indoor Paris ** After: ** On the cooking side, there is a worktop in oak imitation Quebec laminate as on the rap corner and well thought out storage elements. The solid oak parquet floor, signed Déco Plus, allows to have a harmony with the work surface and a more chic style. Finally, a wall was painted black with slate paint so that you could write a recipe or a chalk shopping list.

Small decorative accessories

Interior Paris ** After: ** In order to make the room pleasant to use, the architect placed here and there small accessories and natural utensils. There is for example a blue carafe, a cutlery pot or a wooden cutting board which is not hung on a credenza bar but have on the work surface, again so as not to clutter the space.

A graphic and timeless floor

Interior Paris ** After: ** To modernize this small kitchen, a blue and white cement tile floor was installed. It is in perfect harmony with the kitchen facades and brings a little retro touch to the room. In addition, this flooring is very easy to clean. For more information, visit the Paris inner website