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11 tiny house tips to copy at home

11 tiny house tips to copy at home

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When you build a tiny house (or “micromaison” in French), the first obsession quickly becomes the layout of your house. With such a small surface, you have to be clever to keep what is precious with you. But the tiny house is also a way of life because there are choices to be made: what is essential to me? how to live well with less? Does decoration still have its place in such a limited space? Those who build tiny houses have to make drastic choices. For us who still live in traditional houses and apartments, this gives ideas and tips to copy because the search for space is unfortunately a universal problem!

Credenza used

Tiny Hall House In a tiny house, the credenza is almost a storage unit like the others. In addition, it allows you to have all your utensils on hand. Convenient ! Source: Tiny Hall House

Colored alcove

The Noshery How to create different spaces when everything is in the same room? We play with color: yep, it even works in a tiny house! Source: The Noshery

Mirror sets

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design In a small bathroom, a well placed mirror will give you the pleasant feeling of being in a multiplied space. Source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Leave nothing on the ground

Tennessee Tiny Homes If your floor is not embarrassed by multiple objects, often not very useful. the space becomes sharper and clear, it's as simple as that. Source: Tennessee Tiny Homes

Optimizing the work plan

The Noshery If your kitchen worktop is too small, find tips to make it larger like this practical sink cover. Source: The Noshery

A room in height

Tiny House Talk Here is an arrangement that we find in almost all tiny houses. With a great height under ceiling, one installs his bed in mezzanine and one almost doubles the surface of his dwelling. What could be better than a small cozy and practical room! Source: Tiny House Talk

Storage everywhere

Tiny House Teacher A key word: optimization! You don't leave an empty space without it being used to store your things. A few boxes and baskets will always be useful. Source: Tiny House Teacher

Playing on contrasts

Tiny House Swoon With a dark floor and light walls, you will have the impression of stretched walls all in height. A beautiful optical illusion! Source: Tiny House Swoon

Install drawers under the stairs…

Tiny House Swoon With a drawer by steps, there is enough to store your socks without problem! Source: Tiny House Swoon

… Or a wardrobe

Tiny Idahomes Besides, this space can even be used to store all your clothes. The tailor-made wardrobe also has its place in a tiny house! Source: Tiny Idahomes