10 DIY cake stands

10 DIY cake stands

You often dream in front of magazine table decorations: matching table sets, perfectly aligned silver cutlery and, in the center of the table, a vase filled with flowers. Yes, but in real life, it is more like the elbows on the table, the napkins and patches of tomato sauce on the tablecloth. However, an often underestimated accessory can instantly bring cachet to your table: we named the cake stand! To be used for aperitifs, starters, desserts ... and even as a centerpiece, candles placed on it. Quick, we show you 10 ways to make one yourself.

A cake display with recycling

Almond eyes

Get out of the picture a bit stilted that we made of the cake stand and opt for the diversion. With this wooden cover and a lampshade carcass, this blogger does wonders! Source: Almond eyes

An ultra colorful cake display


How to resist this cake display where the originality lies above all in the variety of colors and bases: cone, disc, sphere are there to support discs of different sizes. For the rest have fun with colors that look like you. Easy and fun. Source: Heju

A cake stand with candle holders

Poppy talk

Another nice idea of ​​diversion for a servant with a chic and baroque allure. Wooden candlesticks and a round wooden board were also covered with paint. The blogger promises to make this DIY in 5 minutes top time! Source: Poppy talk

A dinosaur cake stand


In a completely different style, here is a cake server that will wow your kids. And for good reason, here it is a plastic animal figurine, more precisely a dinosaur, which serves as a support for the display. The latter was previously covered with bronze paint. Source: Dawanda

A cake stand with old dishes

Dolly Jessy

Tired of vintage plates inherited from grandma? Rather than giving them away or storing them forever in a box, play transforming them into a cake server by following the instructions in this tutorial. Do not hesitate to marry different services for even more fantasy. Source: Dolly Jessy

A cake stand with animal figurines

A beautiful mess

A variant of reusing figurine toys for your children, this time with wild beasts. And if the idea is the same, the technique differs: here it was first necessary to use a piece of wood and a small circle to make a base that comes to nest with the figurine. The drill is therefore essential! Source: A beautiful mess

A cake stand with lots of dishes

Make my lemonade

Lisa Gachet, the blogger of Make my lemonade, calls this servant "the infernal cupcake tower". We love this expression which immediately evokes the greed and fantasy of this cake display which consists simply of piling up plates and cups of different sizes on top of each other. Source: Make my lemonade

A cake stand with two bowls

Chocolate and zucchini

You don't have to be over the top to imagine a cake stand. It can also be folded to other needs by being lower but wider, in particular to accommodate salads or fruit during a buffet. Then simply stick together two large diameter bowls. Source: Chocolate and zucchini

A cake stand with geometric support

Birds Party

When the trend of the cake stand mixes with that of the graphic decoration, we are inevitably conquered! The blogger had the good idea to divert geometric vases and candlesticks by cutting the metal to transform them into a base. Original, right? Source: Birds Party