10 DIY hot water bottles

10 DIY hot water bottles

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In winter, the cold is back and the hands are frozen too! To warm you up when you are out and about when you get home, the hot water bottle is a precious accessory. What if instead of buying one commercially, you make it? Colorful, foldable, baby, dry ... There is something for everyone! We spotted tutorials for beginners very easy to carry out. Take out your sewing box and follow the instructions that follow!

A dry hot water bottle

Blog In my little caravan The dry hot water bottle is very easy to make since it consists of enclosing dried materials which heat you in contact with your skin. Here, no button or zip, only the fabric has been sewn to enclose grains of rice. Source: Blog In my little trailer

Small hot water bottles for children

Blog Chadik's Blog Looking to make a handmade gift? Sew a pretty square hot water bottle from scraps of colored fabrics. It is a perfect little object to slip into your toddler's pockets so that he is never cold in his hands! Source: Blog Chadik's Blog

A fluffy hot water bottle

Blog DIY but not only To create this pretty baby comforter, just enclose grains of rice - one of the ideal natural materials for designing this kind of accessory - in a fabric before covering it with a material that you (or your child) particularly like. We love the little pompoms that form eyes and a mouth! Source: DIY Blog but not only

Hot water bottles for the whole family

Blog Homemade PerrinPimpim If you have decided to equip your whole tribe with hot water bottles for the winter or if you are preparing small Christmas gifts to slip under the tree, consider using different fabrics so that you can not only recognize them but also stick to them. everyone's personality. Source: Homemade PerrinPimpim Blog

Create a pocket hot water bottle

Blog Bric'n'Broc Generally, when we think hot water bottle, we immediately imagine the model that our grandmothers slipped under the bed. Today this accessory is modernized and shrunk to easily carry in your pockets and warm you up in all circumstances. All you have to do is sew it in pretty colored wool. Source: Bric'n'Broc Blog

Make a collapsible hot water bottle

Blog Wonderful Breizh Notice to those (and those) who often have stiff necks or aches. Divert the primary use of the hot water bottle by making a longer one, which can fold on itself, but especially which will surround your sore neck. Source: Wonderful Breizh Blog

A heart-shaped hot water bottle

Dawanda To please a little girl or your loved one, this adorable hot water bottle will have its effect. Fill it with dry matter such as rice, wheat, flax or even corn and choose a fabric with colorful and graphic patterns. Source: Dawanda

Sew a baby water bottle

Blog Tanguerinette Because the little ones can quickly catch a cold, think about making a hot water bottle for babies to keep their feet or your toddler's hands warm from cherry stones, which heat up if placed in the microwave for a few seconds . You can put her in her bed or in her stroller and help her fall asleep faster. Source: Tanguerinette Blog

Design a cat hot water bottle

Blog One day on the planet NisNis Here is an accessory that will delight children and lovers of tomcats! This cat-shaped hot water bottle is absolutely irresistible and yet simple to make. Just be careful not to forget to train the ears, whiskers and eyes! Source: Blog One day on the planet NisNis