A 40m2 Parisian apartment completely renovated

A 40m2 Parisian apartment completely renovated

Welcome to Paris, the capital where the old apartments at the tip of Hungary are a dream! How to combine style and space saving in an apartment of 40 m2 without distorting the soul of the place? This is the challenge for Solenn Bretaudière, architect and interior designer for the Nelson agency. A major challenge that has generated a lot of work but the result is worth! Visit a beautiful decorative and cozy place.

Designer furniture in the dining room

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue Designer furniture gives pride of place to a chic and cozy dining room. The mismatched chairs, of different style and period, surround the table and give a friendly side to the whole.

A style mixing vintage with contemporary

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue We love the mix of styles, between tradition and modernity. If wood is at the center of the decor, it is punctuated by colorful furniture and certain accessories (yellow curtains, green plants near the sideboard). Impossible not to admire the triumphant mirror above the fireplace, which seems to visually enlarge the room and play on the height.

Heathered and mismatched chairs

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue Chairs from different publishers surround the Jean Prouvé table. Heather furniture that brings cachet and style to the whole.

Old details preserved

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue To preserve the old style of the apartment, the Hungarian point parquet has been renovated and staff cornices have been created. The original fireplace has been repainted in white for more light and harmony.

Opening to the fair

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue Once at the show, the space is once again open plan. The gray carpet on the floor means the seating area, whose color recalls that of the sofa. Placed back to the wall, it avoids seeing the room behind it and thus preserves privacy.

Little cocoon in the living room

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue A small TV corner has even been set up, placed on an Ikea library, ideal for easily storing all everyday objects. We like the semi-partition of the white wall, on which thrones frames of different sizes.

A workshop canopy

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue Zoom on the workshop canopy, ideal for bringing light into the main room and the bedroom behind. To accessorize at the urge of paintings and small colored decorative objects as on the image.

Glass roof in room

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue Behind the glass roof, we can see the bedroom, certainly small (less than 10 m2) but practical with its full-height dressing room and multiple storage spaces. Next door, the bathroom opens onto a new glass roof! A good way to combine style and practicality, without counting the additional light source. The decorative touch in addition: the cement tiles on the floor, which energize and bring a touch of color.

A well-appointed powder room

Agence Nelson / Cinémanue What to do in a 4m2 bathroom? Don't worry, everything is possible! The proof in pictures with this long shower and this pretty white basin saves space. In terms of decoration, the tiles are de rigueur, with metro tiles on the wall and cement on the floor. More info on