20 DIY knitting for the home

20 DIY knitting for the home

Knitted items are making a comeback in the home this winter. If you think you have to buy accessories or furniture to be in the trend, think again! There are a multitude of products that you can do with your little hands. Christmas balls, case, stool, storage box, flowerpot ... Here is our selection of 20 DIY ideas to knit or from balls of yarn to decorate your home.

A DIY Christmas wreath

Blog Bee Made Christmas is fast approaching and the development of party decorations too! If you want to boost your decor a little this year, make a superb wreath to hang on your door with colored wool pompoms. Your neighbors will tell you news! Source: Bee Made Blog

Personalized planters

Blog Around the dressing room Give a winter look to its interior, it's easy. Remember to customize several accessories and decorative items such as flower pots or succulents. Make pretty knitted planters and put some distinctive signs like buttons or embroidered designs. Source: Blog Around the dressing room

A pompom rug

Emili Jolie Colorful and original, this rug is ideal for putting a good mood in a bedroom, a bathroom or even a small hall. And yes, it is not because winter is coming up that the colors should hibernate. You can reproduce this kind of model using small woolen tassels that you will choose in your favorite colors.

Knitting a woolen plaid

Ohhio Do you dream of curling up all winter in an ultra cozy bed? Knit a blanket or a plaid or blanket to install on your bed. You can warm up more if it is cold in your apartment or put it on your sofa to watch a good movie or read a book.

Decorate a dresser with a garland

Blog The underwear by Fifi Jolipois To energize a slightly outdated dresser, there is no need to renovate the whole piece of furniture. A small garland made from colored pompoms and voila! You can even involve your children to help you achieve this Do It Yourself. Source: Fifi Jolipois's Underwear Blog

A very soft storage box

We are Knitters Storage boxes are popular in the home. And for good reason, they allow you to quickly tidy up a game room, a bathroom or even a children's room by decluttering the cupboards. You can easily make your own with coarse colored wool to make it a decorative element in its own right.

Design a custom cover

Apodioxe Blog Whether for your laptop or tablet, you can make a pretty knitted pocket, from a ball of wool or degraded yarn for example. You will protect your device while finding it more easily. Source: Apodioxe Blog

Compartmentalized shelves

Aline's blog in knitwear Here is an ingenious DIY. It consists of making small compartmentalized storage niches using wires made diagonally. You can therefore store all your sewing and creative hobby equipment but also other accessories, clothes or small objects. Source: Aline Blog in Mesh Country

A pouffe like no other

Blog Simone Simone The poufs are back in force in the decor and especially inside the house. In a living room or reading corner, you can install handmade knitted colored models to use as a seat but also as a side table to put clothes or a handbag on. Source: Simone Simone Blog

Make an XXL piece

Ohhio If you love knitting and are not afraid of challenges, you will love this DIY! The goal ? Make a giant blanket or blanket using balls of wool and XXL needles! Some brands like Ohhio offer tools adapted to the most gigantic and unusual creations.

Renovate a stool in no time

Toddlers & Pumps Blog Do you want your furniture to go winter time? Nothing's easier ! You just need to cover your seats with chairs, stools or armchairs with a mesh cover knitted by you. Source: Toddlers & Pumps Blog

Funny cushions

Blog La petite vie de So If you have mastered the art of knitting, embark on unique models by making patterns or animals on cushions for example. Here, the little owls with buttons in place of the eyes are chewable! Source: Blog La petite vie de So…

A unique wall decoration

Blog Barnabé likes coffee Knitting is not only used for sewing textiles. The proof, you can create a pretty wall decoration and adorn your walls with a unique object by embroidering a word or a first name as in this child's room. It's up to you to form the letters with wire or rubber tubes beforehand. Source: Barnabé Blog loves coffee

A playful pencil holder

Pops de Milk To give pep's to your office, we put on small customizations like this pencil holder dressed by a pretty fox! You will immediately have more motivation to work. You can of course do the same for a makeup jar or a vase. Source: Milk Pops

Design a case for your reading light

Wool blog in the metro If you like to read in public transport or when traveling, here is a DIY made for you. Cover your electronic reader with a soft case that will protect it and be pleasant to the touch. Source: Blog Wool in the metro…

Have more coverage

We are Knitters Whether as a plaid on your sofa, to warm your feet in front of a fireplace or as an additional blanket on your bed, it is always practical to have an extra comforter in winter. Knit it yourself trying to make patterns to boost your decor!

Utensils warm

Blog Les trésors de Marion This Do It Yourself invites you to warm up your kitchen by making an utensil pot covered with yellow wool. One thing is certain, you will find the accessories you need much easier when it comes to tackling your recipe. Source: Marion's Treasures Blog

Adorable christmas balls

Hello Birdie Christmas Blog is approaching and it's time to bring out the decorations too! To innovate this year, think about making your own new balls for your tree using red and white balls of wool by making patterns of snowflakes and reindeer. Source: Hello Birdie Blog

Knitted frames

Blog Jesus Sauvage These frames are both creative and unusual. They were made with threads and wool to form landscapes like on a mini loom. The result is simply stunning! Source: Jesus Sauvage Blog