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Ikea: we are inspired by the Vinter 2016 collection for Christmas

Ikea: we are inspired by the Vinter 2016 collection for Christmas

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Yes, October isn't even over that we're already talking about Christmas… but not just any! Ikea is launching its Vinter collection for decorative and end-of-year celebrations. And it's never too early to start! Inspired by Swedish folklore from the 19th century, Vinter promises a chic Christmas, an original twist. Forget the patterns of Santa Claus and little sledge and discover a range mixing tradition and modernity. Favorite in pictures!

Forward for the pastry!

Ikea At Ikea, Christmas invites itself into every room of the house, starting with the kitchen! Transformed into a pastry shop, we almost want to go back to the stove! Our ally to make precious dinners? The range of kitchen accessories (molds and cake boxes) specially designed for the occasion. Cake boxes: 6.99 euros for 3

Christmas balls for retro interior

Ikea Zoom on the pretty Christmas balls and suspensions, which we hang from the entrance. The marriage of red and white goes perfectly with the retro and floral wallpaper of a vintage style interior. Notice to amateurs! Silver suspensions: 3 euros for 3 red and white balls: 6.99 euros for 2

Candles galore

Ikea On the fireplace or near the window, remember to accumulate Christmas candles and candle jars. The right idea? The red flowers in the transparent vases, not to shade the tree but to sublimate the cozy chic atmosphere that reigns there.

For a gourmet tea time at Christmas

Ikea After the gifts, Christmas is also an opportunity to taste tasty cakes and chocolates by the fireside. It's time to take out beautiful plates, bowls and matching trays in red and white, without forgetting the paper napkins that go with it! Tempered glass cup: 2.99 euros Paper towels: 1.50 euros for 30 pieces Tray: 2.99 euros

Don't forget your boot for gifts!

Ikea Christmas fans will love this red boot decorated with flowers and small birds. Original and fine patterns that take nothing away from one of the cult objects to have for the arrival of gifts. It is hung under the tree or on the coat rack, from the entrance, between two hanging decorations.

An improvised bed for guests

Ikea Friends or family members arriving at the last minute for Christmas? Don't panic, Ikea concocts pretty bed linen and cushion covers with warm patterns for a cozy improvised nest. Cushion cover: 3.99 euros

Original gift boxes

Ikea To change from the traditional red packaging under the tree, Ikea offers gift boxes in different formats and at a low price. Their shape of small kraft paper house reveals what is hidden there and makes your mouth water even more! To be customized with masking tape to cultivate the DIY effect. Gift box: 1.99 euros for 2 pieces Masking tape: 1.50 eros for 2 pieces Gift bags: 3.99 euros for 2 pieces

A discreet tree

Ikea And the tree in all this? Small and discreet, it fits into the overall decor and no longer needs to be enthroned in the living room. We imagine it, for example, in an entrance or a corridor, alongside other objects of small decoration. Our favorite is the red floor lamp in the shape of a candle, which we would keep for the rest of the year ... Red LED floor lamp in the shape of a candle: 59 euros

Christmas even in the attic!

Ikea When we tell you that Ikea thinks of decorating every room in the house! Even the attic goes there! One way to explore underrated places for an uninhibited decor. Candle lighting, candlestick, faux fur plaid on raw wood benches, light garlands all around ... Star-shaped paper pendant: 7 euros