Vintage-style lights

Vintage-style lights

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Lighting plays an important role in interior decoration. Beyond the light they give off, they have an increasingly sophisticated aesthetic which gives a different style from one room to another. Today, fashion is with vintage lamps and suspensions, with a revisited design and industrial materials such as copper, brass, colored plastic or even glass. Here is our selection of retro light sources.

A copper light fixture

Purpose In the kitchen or over a dining table, this copper pendant brings a retro and girly style to eat. It will go very well with wooden furniture and very feminine pastel colors.

Orient the light

DCW Editions This adjustable floor lamp is both practical and design since its foot is adjustable in order to diffuse the light as you wish. Its matt black color will give a retro look to a reading corner or a cozy living room.

Raw materials

Kavehome To properly light a large dining table, you can opt for lights to place just above your furniture. In this vintage dining room, these are made of raw materials - metal and rope - which give them an industrial style.

A stripped down lamp

Jurassic Light Sleek and resolutely design, this Jurassic Light accent lamp is ideal for further lighting up the corners of a room. Its visible bulb gives it a retro look that will go very well in a library, next to a sofa or even as a bedside lamp.

Two-color lights

Castorama If the kitchen is becoming more and more a living room, it needs to be more lit. Choose two-tone pendant lights that hide a beautiful golden hue to bring a touch of color and even more brightness to the space.

A two in one table

Colonel The height of vintage, this coffee table also serves as a ... lamp! Indeed, a small floor lamp is integrated into this original creation which allows you to save space in a small living room. We love the mottled red color of the tray.

Framing your sofa

Caravan If you like subdued atmospheres and warm living rooms, prefer scattered and not very intense light sources like these two floor lamps. These highlight the ethnic chic style of the room and nicely frame the colorful sofa.

Install a pop color lamp

J. Ph. Mattern Neon or fairly bright colors are sometimes difficult to integrate into its interior. But in terms of lighting, everything is allowed! The proof, this small minimalist lamp immediately energizes a monochrome living room or a sober office. For the retro touch, prefer a lacquered model.

Opt for a chandelier

Purpose The chandeliers have an undeniable retro side, especially this model which takes the shape of a candlestick. In a romantic bedroom or dining room, it is a safe bet.

Have original bulbs

Ian Nolan The trend is towards visible light bulbs. But if classic bulbs are still popular, they also exist with unusual shapes like these models signed Ian Nolan (reference Plumen). One thing is certain, your guests will notice these lights like no other!

A wooden lamp

Bleu Nature In an interior with antique furniture (desk, console, secretary ...) or a very 70's decor, this wooden lamp is ideal. We love the two-tone lampshade and the integrated lamp base. You can choose a tinted bulb to create an even more subdued light.

Retro cuisine

Castorama This light reminds us of a chef's hat and reminds us of the kitchens of yesteryear where a good number of copper pots were hung. What gives a retro touch to a modern room.

Colorful sockets

Lovely Market If the lighting is more and more refined, more and more parts and materials become accessories to highlight. The proof, these colored sockets (Vidon reference) enhance the visible bulbs of these minimalist suspensions.

Choose terracotta pendant lights

Marset This is how to combine vintage light and contemporary lighting: choose terracotta pendant lights in the shape of a mirror ball. It is both original and versatile thanks to this fairly neutral caramel shade.

A minimalist and vintage lamp

Jurassic Light In the vintage style, copper is a safe bet because it has a hue that gives the object a retro look. This Jurassic Light branded model is perfect if certain corners or corners of your living room are not sufficiently lit. The little extra? The red electric wire that we don't want to hide.

Black is black!

Castorama Black is perhaps a neutral color or a non-color (we will not enter into the debate) but it has an irresistible vintage character. This is valid for the floor covering or the walls but also for the furniture and of course the light fixtures.

Here the exit !

Vintage Color Combining originality and vintage is possible thanks to this arrow-shaped wall light. You can indicate the door, a poster or an object in a room with this original light.

Increase light sources

Conforama Here, this industrial show is nicely highlighted thanks to two very retro gray suspensions. Installing several light sources allows you to give a real charm to the room and to have a more worked decoration, especially if you are looking for a less contemporary style.

Fall for a 70s lamp

Colonel Are you a fan of the 70s and the decor that goes with it? You can find furniture and lighting typical of this pop decade in flea markets or specialty stores. Your living room will be far from ordinary!

Put the light under bell

Maison Aimable The Maison Aimable brand had the good idea to create luminaires with visible light bulbs but above all with a glass blister to protect it. The lamp is therefore easier to clean and retains all its charm.

A small floor lamp has three heads

Purpose To give a retro touch to an office or bedroom, consider buying not a straight floor lamp but a model with several lampshades, tilting if possible. You can then place it as you see fit near your headboard or your closet.

Glass lights

Castorama These pendant lights are made of glass in order to let the light through the room better while giving it an irresistible vintage style. Be careful to clean them regularly to prevent the kitchen from being poorly lit due to dust.

Combine your lamps with your furniture

Bleu Nature This is a fairly representative characteristic of the vintage style: combining lamps and pieces of furniture from the same range or in the same materials. This total look in wood and caramel gives a slightly outdated spirit to the dining room.

Bulbs like those of our grandmothers

Thank you The luminaires with visible bulbs allow you to let go of your choice! In a vintage kitchen or a slightly retro office, do not hesitate to select one with different shapes and patterns.

Break the modernity of a living room

Conforama To have a decor that is both contemporary and retro, this 80s floor lamp makes all the difference! To support the style of the living room, we opt for black and white armchairs in the same spirit.

A small marble lamp

Jurassic Light Both chic and vintage, this industrial marble lamp with visible bulb is compact enough to fit into every corner of your home. The little extra? The apparent twisted wire which supports the retro side.

Choose round shapes

Castorama Decorative objects of round shapes find their perfect place in a vintage room. For example, these copper suspensions bring shine and a retro touch to this cozy living room with geometric patterns.

Industrial style in your living room

Kavehome In a spacious living room where the lounge area and the dining area coexist, the industrial style allows to give a loft spirit to the space. Here, the two large suspensions light up the dining table very well while being in harmony with the decor.

Minimalist lighting

Castorama Finally, the bedroom is adorned with a touch of vintage thanks to wired suspensions with visible bulbs. What boost a narrow room in which you do not have the place to install too large lamps.