A knitted and crochet decoration on the table

A knitted and crochet decoration on the table

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It is well known, manual activities are becoming trendy again. Pottery, ceramics, crochet and knitting are more fashionable than ever, to the delight of our grandmothers! If you have some ideas on the subject, discover our 10 inspirations to decorate your table with knitted accessories. Beginners will also be delighted to learn that the tutorials show the steps step by step and in pictures! All on your hooks!

Coasters for fall

El blog de DMC Yes, autumn is already here and the pretty leaves that go with it. What if we were inspired to decorate our table? Discover all the steps to create your pattern and knit unique coasters, ideal for fireside evenings and aperitifs with friends! Source: El blog of DMC

Knitwear to cover your candles in winter!

Hverdagsbloggen For a subdued atmosphere, a touch of romance, cover your candles with this pretty knitted woolen fabric. You can also put it on your chandeliers and accumulate them for a cabinet of curiosities effect. Their muted color will marry wonderfully with copper candles. Source: Hverdagsbloggen

Scandinavian place mats

Hverdagsbloggen Incredible, these pretty placemats are made from scrap carpet! Thick wire, large hooks and presto, voila! Accessories that immediately give a Scandinavian atmosphere to a Nordic table. Source: Hverdagsbloggen

A bottom for your vases

Luli Sometimes simple things are enough to create a nice decor. The proof with this improvised vase with a glass and flowers from the garden. To sublimate with a solid hemp placemat, wound in a spiral and well glued. And voila ! Source: Luli

Knitting for tea bags

Luli We love these knits specially designed to protect tea bags. Want to do it again at home? No problem, Luli explains in pictures all the crochet points to follow. Source: Luli

A knitted mug

My little factory Do you want to show off in the office with a unique mug? We have what you need ! Your favorite mug puts on its little wool for a decorative effect that may warm your coffee! Source: My little factory

Colorful placemats

A hen with small steps For a birthday snack or a tea with friends, decorate your table with these placemats "of the mad hatter" as nicknamed the blog of "A hen with small steps". The trick: do not add a border, for a natural effect to marry with vintage dishes (mismatched of course!). Source: A hen with small steps

A rose on the table

Luli For a wedding or a baptism, we advise you this beautiful realization made with the hook, to hold and dress your napkins as it should be. The rose surrounds it with discretion and elegance. So, it's up to you! Source: Luli

Table mats of all colors

K thys creations We have repaired for you these pretty coasters and cups in the shape of small houses. To buy or knit yourself for the bravest! Do not forget to mismatch the colors (pale pink, creamy white, sky blue, light brown and purple) for a very soft rainbow effect. Source: A little market


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