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Authentic Dolce Vita at Soprarno Suites in Florence

Authentic Dolce Vita at Soprarno Suites in Florence

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The Soprarno Suites hotel is the place we all look for when we travel: a place steeped in history with an authentic soul, in which modernity subtly invites itself. Housed in an ancient 16th century palace in Florence, the hotel has ten sumptuous suites, tastefully and delicately decorated. Here we gladly mix Italian ceilings and 20th century design without any false notes. The whole is just as welcoming as it is prestigious. Visit in images of this haven of peace in which to stay becomes a journey in itself.

Italian staircase

Soprarno Suites From the entrance, one is charmed by the admirable high ceilings as by the staircase, worked with a banister mixing solid wood and ironwork. Openings in half-moons let lightly enter the light in this well hidden haven of peace.

A guest house spirit

Soprarno Suites Each space here is furnished with original pieces. We love this authentic spirit that reigns throughout the establishment, fully restored with taste and which opens up the common areas to its inhabitants for one night. In the library, you can find Italian and international works that you will have time to savor with a drink at the end of the day.

A room with period moldings

Soprarno Suites The large Deluxe rooms have been furnished with furniture carefully selected by its creators to create a unique spirit that smells of authentic Italian charm. It has a magnificent ceiling with painted moldings and a sublime deep blue headboard.

A strong design spirit

Soprarno Suites In this room, we discover two large windows that bathe the space with light. Solid parquet flooring meets a Florentine ceiling in bold colors. And as here, the mixtures are delicate and subtle, one can only admire the magnificent sideboard from the design of the XXth century, in dark wood, which settles wonderfully in classical architecture.

One bedroom with four poster bed

Soprarno Suites This room with clean lines plays on the contrast of eras with a minimalist four-poster bed and an old bathtub with worked feet, turquoise blue, which is displayed in the room as a piece of furniture.

A typical view

Soprarno Suites The view from the bedroom opens onto a facade typical of Italian architecture. In the heart of the city, a few meters from Piazza Dei Pitti, we like to wander in this large space as in the sublime outbuildings of this old Palace from the 16th century.

Italian generosity

Soprarno Suites At the Soprarno Suites hotel, the buffet is available to guests, as is an "honnesty bar", in the spirit of an assumed guest house. We love the elegance of the places which is felt even in the dishes, delicate and refined.

Elegant rooms

Soprarno Suites The spacious suites from 38 to 45m² combine classic design with a more contemporary layout, inspired by Italian design from the 50s and 60s. Here, we notice the diabolo sconces with black and matt coating, which are tastefully displayed around the bed. On the color side, the wall of the small hallway is thought of midnight blue, both modern and elegant.

Classic style in the red room

Soprarno Suites In the red room, we opt for a gallery of portraits and classic paintings, exposed in the bathroom space, open on the room with its claw foot bathtub. Here too, we like to wake up to admire a period ceiling, delicately restored.


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