Before / After: Lighting and modernizing an apartment from the 70s

Before / After: Lighting and modernizing an apartment from the 70s

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In this apartment dating from the 70s, located in the 14th district of Paris, the interior designer Aurore Pannier has renovated all the rooms. The two watchwords of the site: more light and a feeling of tenfold space. The kitchen, the bathroom but also the living room or even the bedroom, each space has been redesigned to make it a more modern place where life is good. Here is the result of this radical transformation. ** Area: ** 36m² ** Budget: ** € 50,000 including tax for the complete renovation of the apartment

Boost space with an open kitchen

Interior Paris ** After: ** The floor has been changed to a pretty, much more contemporary Decoplus solid parquet floor, while imitation Stile's tile tiles have been laid at the level of the splashback. A new kitchen signed Ikea and Leroy Merlin has been installed. The white storage units and the wooden worktop give a Scandinavian look to the open kitchen which overlooks a retro dining area and the living room.

A bright living room

Indoor Paris ** After: ** The living room acts as both a living room, with a cozy sofa corner and a designer TV unit, but also as a dining room. It integrates the kitchen, that's why it keeps the same light and pastel tones as well as the parquet floor. The walls have been repainted in white and pale green to provide more light. The idea was to open up the space as much as possible to let natural light in and have a perspective on the panoramic view of Paris that can be seen from the balcony of this apartment located on the 15th floor.

The relaxation and leisure area

Interior Paris ** After: ** On the living room side, there is a practical and designer TV unit, which has several storage spaces to store its collection of DVS and Blu-Ray but also its game consoles and different players. The glass coffee table does not clutter the space but also lets more light into the room. Decorative frames contain colorful illustrations to highlight the pastel and soothing atmosphere of the room.

The glass roof seen from the dining room

Indoor Paris ** After: ** The glass roof built around the bedroom also makes it possible to light up the dining room more without adding too many lights which would clutter the room. Only a ceiling light above the table was installed. We stay there again in a natural and clear style with a hint of color thanks to the pop chairs.

A room in a cocoon of glass

Indoor Paris ** After: ** It almost feels like a hotel overlooking Paris! The glass roof gives a charm to the room which offers a breathtaking view of the capital. The space was created from scratch by the interior designer using a low wall in plasterboard and an industrial glass roof placed on top. Ohmywall white bedding and wallpaper add even more light to the space.

Light spots on the canopy

Indoor Paris ** After: ** Day and night, the glass roof is highlighted thanks to the recessed spotlights above it. This makes it possible to really open up the space, to have a bedroom separate from the living room without being partitioned and above all to be able to easily move around the bed. The only drawback is that you should make your bed every day!

A slightly dilapidated bathroom

Interior Paris ** Before: ** The initial bathroom was not really optimized and lacked charm. The WC area was not separated from the shower area, which would not please owners who wanted to rent their property from time to time.

A new Nordic-style bathroom

Interior Paris ** After: ** In the bathroom too, the Scandinavian spirit predominates with a custom-made shower space made from Leroy Merlin materials, a sink area and imitation fabric tiles on the floor and shower walls. A pocket door closes the room while the toilet is in a separate room.

Create an optimized laundry room

Interior Paris ** After: ** In a last corner of the apartment, a laundry room has been installed in order to be able to do laundry and store cleaning products in an enclosed space. There is also a toilet and a small sink and tiled imitation cement tiles. For more information, visit the website of the interior architecture and decoration agency Paris of interior.