20 DIY to change your decor without changing everything (and with a mini-budget)

20 DIY to change your decor without changing everything (and with a mini-budget)

If like many, you are one of those who get bored of their decor quickly, here are 20 DIY ideas at low cost that may make your eyes shine. From renovation to creation through diversion, these are all simple and effective methods that can give a second wind to your home sweet home. Let's go !

Painting mat

Heathered Nest We don't often think about it, but scotch tape can go a long way toward renovating your home. Here, for example, it makes it possible to successfully descend a staircase without exceeding. Convenient ! Source: Heathered Nest

Polka dot machine

A Beautiful Mess / Elsie Larson Many people will tell you that household appliances, like washing machines, are not the most charming things to decorate. Think again ! A few stickers and scotch tape can change all that… Source: A Beautiful Mess

Drawers in shelves

Shades of Gray Turning a dresser into a decorative shelf, you had to think about it! However, once the idea is there, its realization is within everyone's reach. Dare to take the plunge and impress your guests with this touch of originality. Source: Shades of Gray

Vintage revisited

Brooklyn Berry Designs Sometimes a little bit is enough to breathe new life. This is the case with this vintage frame which takes on a whole new scale with the passage of a golden paint. Great, right? Source: Brooklyn Berry Designs

Mania frame

Art, Craft and Code Are you looking for ways to add style to your interior? This should appeal! This wall of frames arranged in the form of a collage recalls the spirit of old family houses. Gorgeous ! Source: Art, Craft and Code

Scotch tape as wallpaper

Everything Emily Don't bother with wallpaper anymore, once again, scotch tape is your friend! The proof with these small crosses of adhesive tape that will dress your wall like never before. Source: Everything Emily

Wall patterns

The Projectory Why spend hundreds of dollars on a painting when a few cans of paint and brushes allow you to do the same, if not more. With this technique, choose the design yourself and adapt its size to the space. Bingo! Source: The Projectory

Modernize the lampshade

A Piece of Rainbow Salvage items are full of surprises. The best examples are without doubt this lamp and this custom piece of furniture. The transformation is pretty that easy. We validate! Source: A Piece of Rainbow

Custom wall

The CB2 Blog If this gray wall with a geometric print impresses you, know that you could have the same at home without much difficulty. Only 8 steps are enough to make this masterpiece. Source: The CB2 Blog

Paint in the cabinet

Visual Heart Do not hesitate to let your imagination speak, this is also DIY! The proof with this refurbished and modernized piece of furniture. Color, a retro drawer and voila. Source: Visual Heart

New armchair

Fox Hollow Cottage A word of advice, NEVER throw this type of armchair away because they are back in trend. However, you can thank your grandmother for giving it to you! A little fabric, a touch of paint, and the result is stunning. Source: Fox Hollow Cottage

Canned plants

Homey Oh My Are you looking for a tip to organize your plants? Stop it all! These used and colored cans of copper are ideal. Little more: the possibility of adding signs corresponding to each product. Source: Homey Oh My

Stylish dressing room

a pair & a spare If you lack space to build the wardrobe of your dreams, here is the solution for you. For this, you will simply need a hook to attach to the wall, rope and bamboo. Top ! Source: a pair & a spare

Degraded wall

PUISTOLASSA How about a degraded wall like a smoke screen? The technique is as follows: paint from top to bottom bands of color from the darkest to the lightest. Then sand! Source: PUISTOLASSA

Cement tiles in the kitchen

Lili's Baz'Art Many neglect it and yet, given the time we spend there, the kitchen also has the right to be decorated! These cement tiles are perfect for bringing character and charm to the room. Source: Lili's Baz'Art

More fun switches

A Piece Of Rainbow With ingenuity, even switch boxes can brighten the mood of your home. Roses, blues, flowers, make your choice of stickers and let the artist in you express themselves! Source: A Piece Of Rainbow

Flashy chest of drawers

How to Nest for Less Each piece of furniture, as neutral as it is, hides an often unsuspected potential. You only have to see this small fully customized chest of drawers to realize this. What give ideas! Source: How to Nest for Less

Message cushion

Momtastic Do you have a cushion cover? Do you have a marker? Then a few stencils will suffice to create the accessory of your dreams and thus dress your sofa in a unique way. Go! Source: Momtastic

Words on the fridge

Erin Lauray If you're the type to lose your notes, your lists or forget important appointments, here is a tip that should delight you. Slate paint on the fridge and you can use it as a painting. Awesome ! Source: Erin Lauray