Superheroes invade the decor

Superheroes invade the decor

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They make you dream in comics and in the cinema? The superheroes leave their traditional framework to settle in your decoration. And with style, please! Diverted posters, original lighting and even a fantastic shelf transport you to the universe full of adventures of your favorite heroes. Whether you are big or small ...

Stickers to multiply

Pöm le bonhomme Whether in a child's bedroom in an accumulation style or in a more adult decoration in the blink of an eye, these stickers that remind of the Batman mask will be your allies to personalize as you want. They come in plank to paste the number you want, where you want!

Education lesson by superheroes

Alexiableu A little humor in the decor with these funny superheroes who remind children of the good rules to follow in the house. No doubt they will want to imitate Batman, Thor and Hulk with these posters to display in their room.

The ultimate shelf

Burak Boğan Fan of superheroes and ultimate geeks can only dream in front of the bold shelves of Burak Bogan which carefully take up the symbol of superheroes like Superman, Wonderwoman or Captain America. An original and very graphic way to store his famous comics.

Life as in a comic

My crazy stuff Boom, Wow, Pow… The life of superheroes is a whole world of bizarre sounds that are part of the comic bubbles to make you live their adventure. And well in the decoration also it makes noise with this wall lamp which takes up a famous bubble.

Being a superhero starts at breakfast

Crea-bisontine You're not in the morning? Make yourself smile with this mug that makes you eat breakfast to be the superhero of your day. Also ideal for children who find it difficult to sit at the table in the morning.

A geek lamp

The head in the jar Combine the figurines for children and the superheroes and you will get this superb lamp The Head in the jar which contains a superhero to highlight it! An original creation.

Cocooning hero

Maisons du monde Whether on the sofa or on the bed, superheroes sit by your side with these heroic cushions that will energize your decor in the blink of an eye.

A mobile for children

Holly Party Do you want to please your child without transforming his room into an ode to his favorite superhero? Just opt ​​for a decorative mobile in a corner of the room to set the tone in style. Batman is so powerful that you don't even have to do too much. Perfect also for a birthday party on this theme!

A hero in the night

April Eleven Need a lamp to read your favorite comics? You should particularly appreciate the reading in the light of this wall lamp which recalls the Batman mask. Whether you are small or taller!