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A stroll in the Tuileries garden

A stroll in the Tuileries garden

The Tuileries garden connects the Place de la Concorde to the Louvre for an unusual walk in the heart of the largest garden in Paris. Created in 1564 by Catherine de Médicis, then redesigned by Le Nôtre 100 years later, it remains an exceptional visit to the capital.

A crossing view

D'home Productions From the entrance to the garden, the spectacle is striking! You are about to leave the Place de la Concorde to reach the Louvre in a linear perspective that only the ponds stop. On either side of the garden you will find the rue de Rivoli and the Musée d'Orsay.

Chairs for relaxation

D'home Productions Along the pools and in the shade of the trees, you can sit on chairs that have become the symbol of French design. These are Luxembourg chairs by Fermob which were created in 1923 by the workshops of the city of Paris for the Luxembourg garden, another Parisian stroll.

Ancient sculptures

D'home Productions The ponds allow you to discover many old sculptures or rather molds of works that you can admire at the Louvre museum. Among the works, you will find Hippomene, Daphne chased by Apollo by G. Coustou and Apollo chasing Daphne by N. Coustou also.

Modern sculptures

D'home Productions Among modern sculptures, you will find many works by Maillol installed at the initiative of Malraux between 1964 and 1965. You can admire modern works by Max Ernst, Giacometti or as here Standing Figure by Willem de Kooning.