The Line hotel: raw and colorful design in Los Angeles

The Line hotel: raw and colorful design in Los Angeles

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Direction Los Angeles to taste the pleasures of an urban trip. In the heart of Koreatown and a stone's throw from Hollywood and Beverly Hills, The Line Hotel has sublimated the city by creating a place full of life and creativity. Here, the rooms have a plunging view of the buildings, the swimming pool is urban and contemporary design invites itself into every corner. Discover in pictures of this hotel in which to stay becomes a real sensory experience.

A sparkling bathroom

The Line Hôtel In the bathroom, we also play on combinations by combining white, contemporary and refined furniture with sparkling gold notes with a more classic look.

An urban swimming pool

The Line Hotel We love the hotel's swimming pool, which is fully established in the city. This outdoor space surrounded by contemporary buildings invites itself as a break from the urban bustle of Los Angeles, where it is good to rest.

A very designed mineral bar

The Line Hotel At the "Pot", we love the ultra-stylish decor that plays on minerality. At the bar, a dark gray wooden counter and beautifully drawn high stools reveal a refined design spirit. In the plates, we discover a cuisine of Korean inspiration, refined and tasty.

Hollywood View Room

The Line Hotel In the rooms of the Line, the view impresses the most. The huge glass windows on the city (some with views of Hollywood Hills) call for light to penetrate the space. We love this urban atmosphere both in the architecture of the place and in its decor.

A living room worthy of a contemporary design gallery

The Line Hotel The Line suite has a large living room with sought-after decor. We love the voluminous coffee table, in a sublime duck blue. The sculptural suspension, Calder-like mobile, brings sparkling color to a room where raw concrete is thought of on the wall as a work.

A bathtub that is exposed in the bathroom

The Line Hôtel The bathtub of the bathroom, with its soft and perfectly drawn shapes, is sublimated by its gold fittings. Presented as a work of art, it invites luxury and elegance in this space with ultra-contemporary design.

The very chic break room

The Line Hôtel In the evening, we go to the "Break room 86" and take the time to enjoy the decor. The bar is a tribute to the music down to the details of its furniture. We like the juke box-style room like the speakers built into the counter. Also a favorite for the ground, very graphic, which subtly awakens everything!

Commissary: ​​a greenhouse on the roof

The Line Hôtel At Commissary, change of atmosphere. It is on the second floor of the hotel that the OJ discovers this immense glass roof, designed like a greenhouse. It welcomes a luxuriant nature which makes it a timeless space, very convivial, where it is good to taste a fresh fruit juice or a salad.

Audacity: the key word of the place

The Line Hotel What we like here is that nothing is set in stone. Armchairs upholstered in Kilim fabrics with a bohemian spirit rub shoulders with contemporary design objects from young creators such as art photographs. No limit is set and the most improbable combinations become a pleasure for the eyes of the traveler. A daring that makes the charm of this hotel, not to be missed if you are planning a getaway to Los Angeles.