Blue in the living room, our decorative selection at low prices

Blue in the living room, our decorative selection at low prices

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Serene, refreshing, dreamy, blue is a soothing color ubiquitous in Western interiors. In the living room, it inspires dream and calm when combined with lighter colors like white and beige. Coffee table, vase, sofa, shelf, blue takes over all our furniture and decorative items. Here are some inexpensive ideas to adopt it ... sparingly.

Luna de But Chair: 59.99 euros

Purpose Simple and practical, this chair can be installed as well for a dining table as for a reading corner or an office space in the living room. Its pastel shade is suitable for soft interiors and all styles of rooms.

Striped tray Ikea Sommar collection: 6.99 euros

Ikea For an aperitif with a seaside look, this pretty striped tray is ideal! It will remind you of your vacation memories and will certainly make a good impression on your guests. It only remains to choose a few decorative accessories in the same style.

Willow cushion by Kavehome: 21 euros

Kavehome This cushion has been made using several strips of denim jeans, which gives it an original and timeless look. You can install it on a sofa, an armchair or a seat to give an industrial or quirky style to your living room.

Billy Morliden Library at Ikea: 478 euros

Ikea This soft blue is ideal for a soothing living room conducive to reading and relaxation. Thanks to the opaque doors of this oak bookcase, your works will be well protected from dust. The little extra? Adjustable shelves to store your larger books.

Picerno armchair at 319 euros Between green and blue, this armchair will find its place in a designer and cozy living room. With its wooden feet, it brings out its deep color all the more. Its slightly retro rounded shape is resolutely trendy.

Cubit customizable storage unit: 315 euros

Cubit The Cubit brand offers to create your shelves and bookcases from scratch, at a low price! The proof, this composition does not exceed 300 euros and you can transform it ad infinitum to never tire of your living room.

Wire coffee table by Ferm Living: 188 euros

Ferm Living Here is a clever coffee table to say the least since it is duplicative. It can be used as a side table but also as a storage basket by opening the wooden tray which rests on the metal structure. For sale on Colonel

Lexon Tykho 2 mobile radio: 65 euros

Lexon Indigo blue is THE trend of the year. To re-tame this shade from India at the show, what could be better than a small radio to carry everywhere? It is compact enough to be placed on a coffee table, on a corner unit or on a shelf.

Manon de But coffee table: 49.99 euros

Aim A Scandinavian wind is blowing on the living room! To adopt this style but put a little color in your interior, this pastel coffee table is a good compromise. You can even install several of different sizes.

Ikéa PS 2012 coffee table: 39.90 euros

Ikéa The industrial style no longer plays only with sober colors as this blue metal coffee table proves to us. Its little favorites: a tray to store magazines and wheels to move it easily.

Exquisite Fly rug: € 69.99

Fly Chic and sober, this soft carpet by Fly creates an elegant and refined atmosphere in the living room. We adopt it without further delay in a cozy or contemporary interior.

H&M Home velvet cushion cover: € 7.95

H&M Home To bring softness to the sofa, we offer a velvet cushion cover in a trendy duck blue. Accompanied by other models in lighter colors, she will be the star of the show.

Maisons du Monde Iceberg sofa: € 369.90

Maisons du Monde The Scandinavian style has not said its last word and this season it is still inviting into our interiors in more colorful versions like this sky blue bench seat with light wooden feet. We love !

Tortoiseshell Vase: 39.99 euros

Fly We literally fell in love with this sky blue vase which seems to be covered with scales. On a light wooden sideboard or on a white lacquered console, it will not go unnoticed!

Giant Floor Lamp Single Sale: 59.99 euros

Unique Sale In an industrial style living room or in a pop living room, we suggest you opt for this bright blue metal lamp. It will set the tone for the whole room just installed!

Nova But TV bench: 269.99 euros

Purpose Fans of colorful interiors full of energy, this TV bench is made for you! Electric blue, completely in trend, will awaken a white and refined living room.

Karlsson clock, 59.90 euros

Karlsson Design, refined, this Karlsson blue clock has everything to please. Placed above the sofa, the TV, or on a small piece of white wall, she takes care of the decor in the blink of an eye.

Jim Maisons du Monde stool: 39.99 euros

Maisons du Monde Favorite of the Jim stool from Maisons du Monde in metal and with an aged look. If it goes perfectly in an industrial style living room, it can also find its place in a seaside atmosphere.

Mayeul La Redoute wall shelf: 46.49 euros

La Redoute Pastel colors are in the spotlight this season, so we don't hesitate to install a sky blue shelf on the living room wall. Its lockers allow you to store your books, magazines or any other decorative object.


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