My sink is beautiful!

My sink is beautiful!

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If there is one thing you can't ignore, it's the sink! And depending on the size of your bathroom, it will take up more or less space but one thing is certain, it will be in the center of your room. Here are 10 sinks to install in your bathroom.

The sink for small spaces

Ikea If your bathroom is kept to a minimum and you are seriously short on space, you will not be able to install an XXL sink. Fortunately, you will find narrow models that allow you to benefit from a sink even in a very small bathroom.

An old-style sink

Ikea In this bathroom, we bet on a sink with the charm of yesteryear whose basin is installed inside a worktop inlaid on a piece of furniture. The sink then combines practicality and decoration by taking up a minimum of space.

A contemporary sink

Lapeyre If you prefer the contemporary style, you will find basins that fit into a piece of furniture with designer lines. The furniture then makes a nice place for the basin by reducing the borders to offer an XXL sink.

A sink with revisited shapes

Allia To change from the traditional sink, we place on the column a model with rectangular lines which offers a graphic look to the bathroom. The sink then acts as a sculpture and it is well developed.

A retro sink And if you want a decoration with a retro air, you can offer yourself a pedestal sink that puts on stylized lines with a very elegant curved column so that it becomes a decorative asset.

A sink on a small column

Jacob Delafon This washbasin dust the traditional model on column by proposing a wall fixing and a half-column which allows the evacuation but which offers more lightness to the design. We then use the column space as an asset with a towel storage.

A sink on furniture

Jacob Delafon Here the sink is detached from the furniture to keep a fairly traditional side but remains very practical thanks to the cupboards which are installed all the same under the sink of traditional appearance.

A clean sink From the traditional sink, all that remains here is the basin fixed to the wall because the column has disappeared in favor of a metal pipe which offers a very designer spirit to this sink with clean lines.

A sink and its furniture Finally, for a modern sink, you can choose a model where the basin part and the furniture part form a whole with an XXL basin which dares to show itself without complex.