How to add color to a white bathroom?

How to add color to a white bathroom?

Are you tired of your immaculate bathroom but have neither the desire nor the means to redo the room from top to bottom? There are some very simple tips that will allow you to change the decor of your bathroom at all all year by adding a few touches of color. Wallpaper, paint, new furniture, here are 10 ideas to color your bathroom.

Colorful decor accessories

IKEA Add some color to your bathroom with bath linens and accessories, like these colorful mirrors.

A colored shower curtain

IKEA A simple colorful shower curtain can completely change the decor of your bathroom. Choose it striped for even more effect.

Add wallpaper

Graham & Brown On a section of wall or in the whole room, stick a nice wallpaper with colorful details. Mosaic effect guaranteed!

Change furniture

Mobalpa Sometimes it is enough to change little things in a room to transform the decoration. Here, the white furniture is surrounded by beautiful light wood.

Color block

Cuisinella Add color blocks to your white bathroom. Here, one section of the wall has been painted black and a yellow bathroom cabinet has been added. We are therefore in the color block trend.

Fluorescent details

Schmidt In a beautiful, immaculate bathroom, opt for flashy accessories.

Noir et blanc

Porcelanosa Technically, black is not a color. Adding a black piece of furniture to a white bathroom still causes a nice transformation.

Bi-color wall

Porcelanosa Do not change your decor at all by simply painting the lower half of your bathroom wall in the color of your choice.

Paint your tiles

Leroy Merlin If you have tiled walls, be aware that there are paints designed to be able to cover them easily.