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An apartment with sublimated building materials

An apartment with sublimated building materials

In Sao Paulo, the architect Alan Chu renovated an apartment using the traditional ceramic brick created in Brazil in the 1930s and popularized by modern architects at the time. He explores brick to offer a graphic and bright interior where the material creates the decor. Visit.

A bright living room

Alan Chu / Djan Chu In the living room, place a soft light brought by a large opening and filtered by a white curtain. The light spreads through the room thanks to the white painted brick walls which nevertheless leave the material visible. The decoration is intended in soft and natural colors for a very serene spirit.

An open room, delimited spaces

Alan Chu / Djan Chu If the living room shares the living room and the dining room, the spaces are no less delimited. The living room offers a carpet that gives more privacy while the dining area is placed on the side of molded bricks, which provides a visual separation of the two spaces.

Ceramics as a decorative object

Alan Chu / Djan Chu To complete his decor, the architect created custom-made furniture for the renovation. The molded ceramic brick then becomes the tray of side tables and retains its natural color to provide a warm atmosphere to the space. Tribute to ceramic again, the large sculptural jars in the same tones.

A kitchen not completely separate

Alan Chu / Djan Chu The kitchen is installed on the other side of the molded brick partition which offers a sublime motif. The space is thus separated without being completely closed. The brick allows you to take advantage of the brightness of the living room and allows you to maintain a certain communication.

Brick as a wall motif

Alan Chu / Djan Chu Another new variation of the ceramic brick imagined by Alan Chu. The architect is using it this time to create a wall motif in the basement style to create a more intimate space at the kitchen side table.

Other raw materials in the decor

Alan Chu / Djan Chu The raw materials continue to be sublimated in this apartment. In the kitchen, the shelves were for example created from metal building rods and painted in a color reminiscent of brick.

A soothing room

Alan Chu / Djan Chu In the bedroom, the architect takes up the codes of the living room with an almost immaculate room where the wall material simply offers relief to warm the atmosphere.

Furniture an integral part of construction

Alan Chu / Djan Chu In the bedroom, the architect squarely integrated the furniture into the wall, creating a headboard that runs the length of the room and includes bedside tables. Wood in a light shade thus warms and softens the atmosphere.

An atypical dressing room

Alan Chu / Djan Chu Even in the dressing room, there was no question of playing the classic card. The architect imagined a structured room like a ready-to-wear store with open clothes racks. For storage, different wooden modules were used. More info: