Clever storage for the cellar or garage

Clever storage for the cellar or garage

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Whether it is the cellar or the garage, these are additional rooms that can really increase the storage space. On the other hand, so that these two pieces do not turn to shambles, it is necessary to organize them well. Here are some ideas for storage.

Store food

Leroy Merlin Note that you can store food in these rooms that has a certain conditioning. Consider installing shelves to store bottles, jars and toilet paper accessories.

Put away DIY materials

Leroy Merlin If you are a handyman the cellar will be ideal for storing your equipment. Choose sturdy metal shelves for example on which you can install very heavy objects. Remember to fix the shelves to the wall for more security.

Use height

Leroy Merlin If you have a nice height in your room, do not hesitate to invest the ceiling. There are storage systems that allow you to hang bikes, ironing boards and certain tools in height.

Create a workshop

Leroy Merlin Provided you install good lighting, you can install a workbench to create a workshop in the garage or the cellar if it is sufficiently well ventilated. It will suffice for this to install a worktop and shelves to install the tools.

A tangy laundry room

Mr Bricolage Yes, even if tomorrow your cellar turns into a laundry room, it is possible to create a practical and well decorated space. Here we discover a nice laundry room with bright colors and well optimized storage.

Solid and practical

Allibert Here are storage spaces that will find their place in your cellar as in your garage. The cupboards can be closed and are made of plastic and therefore easy to clean. You can therefore store everything you want there.

Wine Fair

Motote Lovers of great wines? Thanks to these racks, all your bottles will be tidy and above all, well preserved. Whether you organize your wine by year or by appellation, you can create a personalized space.

Tidy bottles

Castorama It is often in the cellar that we store our bottles of water, soda or wine. Here are some tips to optimize your storage. Here you will find metal racks for various drinks, and specific racks to ensure the good conservation of the wine.

A tidy garage

Leroy Merlin Here is a particularly well optimized garage. Bikes are hung, surfboards tidy and tools neatly placed on a workbench. Do you want to do the same? Run to Leroy Merlin and choose your equipment.

DIY and put away

Univers Garage Here is a workbench offered by Univers Garage. This piece of furniture offers closed storage spaces but also a workspace for tinkering. In short, it is practical! The trick in addition is to place a magnetic bar to have available some of its tools.

A tool panel

Leroy Merlin There is nothing like a sign to store all your tools. These then each have their place and you never lose them! The panels are available in all DIY stores, this one is offered by Leroy Merlin.

Solid shelves

Ikéa In the cellar as in the garage, we need solid and spacious shelves. This is why we have selected for you this piece of furniture that meets all our requirements! It only remains to drag boxes to organize everything.

Small boxes

Univers Garage Here are some very practical little boxes! They will receive screws, nails, dowels, etc. In short, all your small parts. Associated with a support, you can customize the layout of your DIY space.

The ideal range

Univers Garage Tidying up a cellar or garage becomes easy with the products and furniture offered by Univers Garage. We love the hanging wardrobe and all the clothes racks that allow you to store gardening and DIY tools.


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