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Mexican decor in 10 objects

Mexican decor in 10 objects

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Between the chic ethnic style and the shimmering colors, is the decor with Mexican sauce. On the program, vitamin shades, fabrics and embroidery, unique patterns and influences straight from South America. Here is our selection of Latin atmospheres and decorative objects made in Mexico or in the Mexican spirit for all the rooms of the house. To adopt urgently to brighten up your interior, in summer as in winter.

Use a woven basket as a basket

PI project Whether you use it as a basket or a storage box, this woven basket is ideal for bringing a decorative touch to an office or living room. It does not look like that but it is made of plastic, for robustness in equal. Price: 30 euros

Mix the colors

Cora Büttenbender / Stéphanie Huré For a Mexican spirit in the house, don't be afraid to superimpose the colors! On the contrary, the colored patterns and the flat areas of pronounced hues go very well in a living room or a reading corner for example. Also bet on mottled furniture.

Install an ethnic carpet

PI project It is the essential accessory. The handmade ethnic influence carpet, also called petate in Mexico, is installed in the house but also on an outdoor terrace. It brings color and warmth to the space. Price: 150 euros on PI Project

Have a Mexican-style plaid

Urban Outfitters If there is one souvenir to bring back from Mexico, it's a plaid or a colorful shawl! Placed on a chair or sofa, it will warm you on winter evenings and give a unique look to your room. Generally multicolored, it will go very well in your living room, whatever the color of your furniture.

Adopt a small cactus

AY Cactus Cacti are by definition desert plants, which are found in particular in Mexico. Since they require almost no maintenance or watering, you can install them at home, even if you don't have a green house! The AY brand offers them in adorable customized small pots.

A fabric like no other

PI project A flagship element of Mexican culture, the serape or hand-embroidered fabric, is unique because each model has a central motif that corresponds to the craftsman who made it. Bring a little piece of this beautiful tradition home using it as a rug, a plaid or even as a backrest on a garden chair. Price: 60 euros

Cushions in tribute to El dia de los muertos

Vaïmi The celebration of the dead is one of the unmissable events in Mexico. The inhabitants adorn themselves with masks and make-ups of colored skulls and parade through the city. To find this festive atmosphere at home, choose cushions with the image of these emblematic skulls. Price: 12 euros the cushion cover

Hang an artist painting

Torild Artistes On this painting, we can see the surrealist painter Frida Kahlo, one of the pride of Mexican art. A beautiful way to decorate your interior, while paying homage to this woman with such a special universe. Price: 10 euros on Etsy

Mix textures

Pompon Bazar Finally, for a top Mexican decor, make sure you have many cushions embroidered in very different materials. Velvet, wool, fabric, colored cotton, animal hair… The goal is to play on the different textures to dress your seats.