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Contemporary holiday home in the Balearic Islands

Contemporary holiday home in the Balearic Islands

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The idea of ​​the English interior designer Fiona Barratt? Develop interiors with fluid and elegant spaces by meeting customers' expectations and taking into account the environment in which the house is installed. A successful bet in this superb Balearic villa which offers a contemporary holiday home decor entirely open to the exceptional landscape. Visit in pictures.

Neat materials

Fiona Barrat Interiors To create an atmosphere that is both natural and contemporary, Fiona Barrat has skillfully played with different materials and installed many wood species in an elegant white decor.

Contemporary lines

Fiona Barrat Interiors Two different lounge areas share the living room. The furniture mixes simple and natural lines with others more graphic and contemporary. The whole gives off a certain balance and a timeless feeling also in the chosen color code, clear and bright to match the spirit of the place.

Refined decorative accessories

Fiona Barrat Interiors To decorate the house and give it all its style, the decoration studio has bet on refined objects that are inspired by the natural spirit of the Balearic Islands. Thus, the cups are reminiscent of shells and corals and the marine elements multiply throughout the house with chic and discretion.

A real kitchen living space

Fiona Barrat Interiors With impressive volumes, the kitchen is seen as the heart of the house with a dining area that can accommodate many guests, a high bar space that can also serve as a worktop and a kitchen friendly open to the different spaces. On the style side, the graphic lines mix with traditional inspirations for a chic and timeless spirit.

A more design architecture

Fiona Barrat Interiors Structurally, the house plays with very clean and design lines, especially in transitional spaces such as the staircase which hosts a very graphic suspension or a glass railing.

A soothing room

Fiona Barrat Interiors In the bedroom, the decorator has recreated the soothing spirit that can be found in the living room by betting on a game of white and beige associated with natural materials and decorative touches reminiscent of the sea.

The exterior as a living room

Fiona Barrat Interiors Not only can the living space be fully opened onto the terrace, but the terrace also has its own seating area for living outside and enjoying the exceptional climate. The decorator then favored contemporary lines in neutral colors for a trendy result.

A natural dining space

Fiona Barrat Interiors In addition to the living room, the terrace is designed like the interior and also offers a large dining area for convivial meals. In terms of decoration, the braided fiber goes well with gray wood and decorative objects reminiscent of corals. A natural atmosphere ideal for blending into the landscape.

A breathtaking swimming pool

Fiona Barrat Interiors The terrace also opens onto an infinity pool which offers an incredible view of the sea for a true immersion in the natural landscape of the house. More info:


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