La Maison d'à Côté: a Michelin-starred restaurant with a refined decor

La Maison d'à Côté: a Michelin-starred restaurant with a refined decor

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It is in Montlivaut, a stone's throw from Blois, on the banks of the Loire, that Caroline Tissier signs the decoration of the starred restaurant as of the four rooms of the hotel of the young chef Christophe Hay. The chef wanted an interior that resembles his cuisine, modern, full of sharing, refined without being pretentious and which favors the use of local quality products. Accustomed to the layout of restaurants, the decorator here put forward welcoming and warm materials while adding a few touches of retro design. The result is elegant, both modern and timeless. Visit the image of this exceptional address, where the senses are greeted with great attention.

A restaurant like a showcase

Julie Limont The restaurant is split into two parts, one very clear and the other more cozy and intimate. Caroline Tissier wanted to create a chic and elegant decor here, in particular through Elitis wallpapers designed like jewel cases. Finally, brass, leather and custom-made furniture reinforce this precious side of the decor.

A cozy bar

Julie Limont On the bar side, the decorator also wanted to create a cozy and delicate atmosphere. The Tom Dixon pendant lights in brushed brass respond to a very contemporary brushed steel bar top. The dark but deep colors bring to the room a friendly and reassuring spirit.

Clarity and comfort under the sign of elegance

Julie Limont In the largest space of the restaurant, we discover a very bright, light and airy room. The aquatic carpet is thought of as a nod to the Loire, so dear to Christophe Hay, the young chef of the Maison d'à Côté. We also really like the waxed concrete tables inlaid with brass, created by CTI just like the white but textured Elitis wallpaper, which finishes creating a cozy and elegant atmosphere.

Bistro side: an authentic and modern place

Julie Limont In the Bistro area, we discover a traditional atmosphere, with in particular the famous bistro chairs, enhanced with much more contemporary details, like these black and matt panels, as well as design and vintage pieces, in particular a chandelier at golden arm and a tapestry inlaid effect.

A chef's kitchen open to the room

Julie Limont Chef Christophe Hay wanted to open his kitchen to the dining room, in a spirit of sharing and conviviality. To do this, the decorator therefore used a set of materials, favoring metal, raw wood and velvet, in a cozy and hushed palette. A meaningful opening to share the taste of good and beautiful.

A room with a chic and sober atmosphere

Julie Limont The house welcomes its overnight guests in four rooms also decorated by Caroline Tissier. It recalls the codes of the restaurant with its duck blue wall and its brass lights. The bathroom open to the room makes it a very elegant intimate cocoon.

Leather and sober nuances: a chic duo

Julie Limont Here, priority is given to materials. Leather is thus the common thread in decorating this room and covers the box spring like the cushions. The chosen palette, very sober, invites calm in a setting characteristic of this beautiful region of the Loire castles.

The bathroom that mixes genres

Julie Limont In the bathroom of one of the four bedrooms, there is a surprising decor. Cement tiles with a retro look cover the floor and wall in one go. A very designed bathtub, playing black and white, invites itself alongside an all-white tap, also refined. A duality of styles very daring.

A wooden room

Julie Limont In one of the bedrooms, it is the wood that is highlighted by Caroline Tissier. A headboard reminiscent of old wardrobe doors invites a natural and authentic touch into the decor. We like the sobriety of this piece, which finds its accuracy in simplicity.