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Ikea 2017 catalog: the editorial staff's favorites

Ikea 2017 catalog: the editorial staff's favorites

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The Ikea catalog, every summer, we look forward to it in our mailboxes! Whether you leave it in the toilet or on the living room coffee table, leaf through it with relish, put sticky notes or horn pages to make yourself a wishlist that is always too long ... The ** Ikea catalog 2017 ** will be available online - and in the Lucky Mailbox - on August 16. However, to be patient, here is a small overview in 14 photos!

Around the table

Ikea Ikea went to ask people what made them feel good at home. Ineke and Guildo responded without hesitation: get together around a table to share a good meal! We love the spirit of this cuisine which mixes vintage elements and functional Ikea kitchen elements.

The kitchen of (very) small spaces

Ikea A kitchen imagined for mini spaces: the SUNNERSTA kitchen. Perfectly optimized, it houses a refrigerator and its storage bars allow you to store lots of things, including portable induction hobs. Discover more new Ikea cuisine here!

Child-friendly furniture

Ikea Ikea thinks of children! Thus, this NORRAKER table is solid and resistant, it is even suitable for use in public places and its angles are rounded to prevent children from hurting themselves. NORRAKER table, 249 euros

The new Ikea sofa with which you can do everything!

Ikea OK, we admit, we are totally in love with the new VALLENTUNA sofas from Ikea. We combine the elements as we want to adapt to the space of his living room, the covers are all more beautiful than each other and icing on the cake: some elements offer a possibility of sleeping and storage. VALLENTUNA 3-seater sofa, 725 euros

A coffee table and storage

Ikea The bazaar that accumulates on the coffee table in the living room, a classic. The REGISSOR coffee table will help us a little: we slip felt modules into its open compartments and where do you see bazaar, you? REGISSOR coffee table, 150 euros

The new Ikea PS 2017 collection

Ikea We will have to wait until February 2017 to discover in store the new PS 2017 collection but it's worth the wait: tables that turn into stools, sofas that fold up in a snap of your finger (or almost), boxes of stackable move that turns into storage ... Ikea PS 2017 collection, available in February 2017

A bathroom that goes green

Ikea Even in a small bathroom, we bring in greenery. And we take advantage of the high ceilings to hang our clothes and hang our plants. ANVÄNDBAR flowerpot net, € 13.90

On the balcony

Ikea What if we spent time on the balcony? Ikea pushes us there with its outdoor furniture that thinks of everything. Thus, the HINDO shelf will serve you as a table for making your plantings or as a table for receiving, as you wish! HINDO shelf, 50 euros

How to share a teenage bedroom?

Ikea You only have one room for your two teens? No worries, Ikea shows you how to do it: place KALLAX modules to separate the spaces as well as clothes racks so that everyone has their own small wardrobe space! Shelf with KALLAX doors, from 89 euros

Modular storage units

Ikea The new Flexible Storage collection, LIXHULT of its small name, will be available from August: small metallic and colorful cupboards, they will fit into any space - you choose your combination! LIXHULT, available in August 2016

Capsule collection: SALLSKAP

Ikea In October 2016, we will see the SÄLLSKAP collection roll out in store, inspired by traditional Swedish design and in a limited edition: printed patterns and solid wood furniture. SÄLLSKAP collection, available in October 2016

A chest stool

Ikea And among the SÄLLSKAP collection, there is already an option on this chest stool, aesthetic, practical and solid. SÄLLSKAP collection, available in October 2016

A multi-function office

Ikea An ultra compact desk for working upright, this Knotten desk will fit even in small spaces. You can store mail, phone chargers, keys, etc. thanks to its small drawers. KNOTTEN desk, 149 euros