10 aquariums to start aquariums

10 aquariums to start aquariums

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Are you dreaming of a small seascape to integrate into your decor but not sure where to start? The aquarist blogosphere will tell you: don't start too big. More than just an aquarium size, it's about starting with easy-care, rather robust fish. Goldfish, warrior or guppy all live very well in a small aquarium. Here are a few examples.

An aquarium with integrated LED

Tetra This aquarium sold as a complete kit has an innovative filter and LED day / night lighting. Tetra AquaArt Aquarium with LED, € 120.69 at Amazon

A great classic

Aquael This is the classic of the classics, the one we see everywhere: the blown glass aquarium. Aquael glass aquarium ball, € 19.90 at Truffaut

For 360 ° observation

Marina Here is an interesting variant of the eternal glass jar. This cylindrical plastic aquarium promotes fish observation. Marina Aquarium 360, € 39.99 on Amazon

The ideal seascape

Dennerlé With its wall entirely made of glass, the Nano Cube adds a miniature seascape to your decor. Dennerlé Nano Cube Complete Aquarium, € 112 at Truffaut {rel = "nofollow"}

Small and contemporary

Fluval This contemporary looking aquarium has a capacity of 19 liters. Discreet and design at the same time, it is perfect for a table top. FLuval Spec V Aquarium, € 104.00 at Jardiland {rel = "nofollow"}

For a modern decor

Ciano Sold fully equipped, the Nexus aquarium is resolutely modern with its angular lines. Ciano Nexus Aquarium, € 69 at Truffaut

For our children

Marina Specially designed to accommodate goldfish, these colorful aquariums will delight more than one toddler. They are sold with plastic plants, colored gravel and a brand new filter. Aquarium cool 14 Goldfish Marina, € 67.30 at

A colorful aquarium

Zolux Designed exclusively for children, this small plastic aquarium will also delight the little ones with its pretty color. Zolux nanolife Kidz 30 aquarium, € 15.90 at Jardiland

Small and stylish

Zolux Small but stylish, this transparent plastic aquarium is ideal for beginners. Zolux design ball aquarium, € 19.90 at La Redoute


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