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Resource x Studio Forestine wallpapers

Resource x Studio Forestine wallpapers

Manufacturer of high-end paints and family business since 1946, Ressource signs this year its first collection of wallpapers. Imagined by Annabelle Vermont of Studio Forestine, these 10 decors, available in several formats and colors, are part of a desire to think of wallpaper as a painting. More than patterns, these are real artistic creations inspired by nature that the brand wishes to offer, in the continuity of its passion for color and creativity. Overview of 10 sets of this first collection, which already lists 45 references to its catalog.

Dragonfly: jungle and refined atmosphere

Geneviève Gleize The Libellule decor, created by Annabelle Vermont, invites graphics in a jungle atmosphere on the walls of the house. In addition to the perfectly mastered plant motif, we like the chosen shades of green, subtle and delicate, which remind us that Ressource is also a manufacturer of paints and a creator of high-end colors. 28 new shades were also developed for the launch of the Forestine collection. * Dragonfly (the 280x65 cm strip) - 2 colors: € 68 *

The round of birds invites itself to the walls

Geneviève Gleize A bit retro and very graphic, the decor entitled "The round of birds" is as much a painting as a wallpaper. We love its figurative spirit as well as the way in which the birds are painted, in bands, which modernizes the pattern and surprises. A beautiful harmony between art and nature. * The round of birds (the 280 x 83 cm strip) - 4 colors: € 79.00 *

Florescence: a wallpaper with vintage essences

Geneviève Gleize Right in the trend of elegant vintage on wall coverings, the Florescence decor has fun shades of mustard, petrol blue and khaki green to create a floral fresco in which patterns and colors are both equally important. A great achievement to install on a single wall section to reinvent the volumes and draw a chic interior. * Florescence (the 280 x 80 cm strip) - 3 colors: € 76.00 *

Under the pines: a wallpaper with a Japanese spirit

Geneviève Gleize We also really like the Japanese and colorful spirit of the "Sous les pins" decor. The tree motif seems as if lithographed on a white background, leaf green and straw yellow. Very dynamic, this iconoclastic wallpaper will bring character and refinement to an overly wise wall. * Under the Pines (the 280 x 83 cm strip) - 2 colors: € 79.00 *

Powerful and graphic blue with Lya

Geneviève Gleize Very graphic, the Lya wallpaper is based on a discreet plant motif, repeated endlessly. A choice that gives it a certain graphic power and whose contrast illuminates the wall with energy. We really like this blue, neither electric nor king, but certainly singular and full of poise, which we will gladly combine with some bright yellow accessories, like this Scandinavian chair. * Lya (950 x 83 cm roll) - 4 colors: € 268.00 *

Nature in black and white

Geneviève Gleize For fans of the black & white trend, we love the Hidden Paradise decor. Black birds will invite themselves as charming companions in an apartment that advocates graphics as a backdrop. The design is complex, filled with hidden subtleties, while showing an apparent simplicity. A beautiful exercise in style. * Hidden paradise (the 280 x 68 cm strip) - 5 colors: € 68 *

Albizia: a very contemporary floral design

Geneviève Gleize Very stylish, the Albizia decor succeeds in creating a balance between floral inspiration and worked graphics. We love the combination of colors, daring, with mustard yellow and bluish purple, which brings a lot of relief to the creation. * Albizia (950 x 79 cm roll) - 4 colors: € 255.00 *

A wallpaper that relies on pictorial art

Geneviève Gleize The Pissenlit wallpaper, available in three colors, uses pictorial techniques to create an artistic decor on the wall. We like its freshness, its enthusiasm and its dynamism. It will fit perfectly into a Scandinavian living room to give it a more colorful but very delicate touch. * Dandelion (the 280 x 66 cm strip) - 3 colors: € 68.00 *

Venus: between plant motif and pointillism

Geneviève Gleize The Venus decor plays the illusion of pointillism in its plant version. Its small very drawn patterns of leaves appear only closely. From a distance, the wall seems spotted and surprises with its dynamism. A great idea to create a green wall with an illusion. * Venus, the 280 x 77 cm strip: € 73.00 or 950 x 88 cm roll: € 284.00 - 5 colors *