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Our tips for storing plastic bags

Our tips for storing plastic bags

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Plastic bags are often unsightly and generally pile up under the kitchen sink ... To avoid cluttering your room and saving space behind the stove, there are however practical solutions for storing your shopping bags or shopping bags. Discover without further delay our tips, to acquire in store or to make yourself.

A bag dispenser in a closet door

Interdesign / Delamaison Under the sink, we generally store the trash or household products that we use every day. To optimize the space, consider hanging a plastic bag dispenser at the door of your closet. For sale on

A vintage DIY box

Bonnie Denahue Blog This blogger made a Do It Yourself very easy to reproduce to store her plastic bags. From a tin can that she repainted, she created a bag dispenser that looks like it could be mistaken for a tissue box. Source: Bonnie Denahue Blog

A fun and practical object

Etelvina This is an object that may well entertain children! This chicken suspended by the legs is actually a distributor of plastic bags to hang on a coat rack or behind the door of your kitchen. It opens with a scratch so you can fill it with your shopping bags.

Attach a bag dispenser

Ikea If your kitchen items are full, opt for a bag dispenser to attach to the wall or in a cupboard door. This Variera model is very basic and timeless whatever the style of your room. Price: 1.99 euros

Divert his bread bag

Scrappy Geek Blog Generally, this type of fabric bag is used to keep bread fresh and to prevent it from being stale too quickly. But, it can also be used to store your unsightly plastic bags. You can buy a model commercially or make one yourself. Source: Scrappy Geek Blog

Have storage boxes

Blog Chez Vivianne What if you put bags in a bag? These foldable and reputed unbreakable storage boxes from the Kolor brand are ideal for stuffing your plastic bags. You can leave them visible or store them out of sight in a cupboard under your sink for example. Source: Chez Vivianne Blog

A small cloth bag

Cyrillus This soft bag dispenser is signed Cyrillus. It hangs very simply on a wall or in a storage unit. Just put your plastic bags in the pocket and use them when you need them.

An original DIY

Blog Mounch's workshop Take a plastic bottle, a bit of embroidery thread and your reserves in plastic bags and voila! After creating a bottle hanger, all you have to do is hang it in your kitchen. Source: L'Atelier de Mounch Blog

Have a bin with compartments

Ikea The compartmentalized bins are becoming more and more functional in the kitchen and are often placed in drawers in the room. You can reserve a bin specially for your plastic bags, in order to find them more easily.