Kiabi: the new gentle collection for baby rooms

Kiabi: the new gentle collection for baby rooms

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For its new special baby range, Kiabi has bet on pastel colors, Disney heroes, adorable animals and practical accessories for parents. Result? A very gentle collection for boys and girls, which creates a soothing cocoon in the little ones' room in order to properly prepare the baby's room. And all at a low price. Here are our favorites.

A practical storage box

Kiabi For easier storage of your little girl's toys, this storage box bearing the image of Marie, one of the heroines of Disney's * Aristocats * is ideal. It takes up little space, installs in a corner of the room and can hold wooden toys, stuffed animals and cushions. Price: 7 euros

A Scandinavian style bedroom

Kiabi In the Renard room, the Nordic atmosphere invites children to dream. On the wall, small wooden niches in the shape of a house accommodate decorative objects, while the storage accessories, the rugs, the bedding and the bathroom linen are all in blue and white tones.

A comfortable bumper

Kiabi To avoid baby bumping into the bars of his bed while sleeping, the brand has created this velvet bumper (25 euros). Very soft, it is ideal for a good night's sleep and falling asleep in front of cute designs. The little extra? The angel's nest and the matching comforter.

Irresistible bath linen

Kiabi At the end of the bath or to cool baby in his room, the bath linen proves to be very practical. With this bath cape and the matching washcloth, with a pretty little rabbit embroidered on it, baby should be less capricious at shower time! Price: 12 euros per set

Baby accessories

Kiabi To protect baby's belongings well, this health book cover is both ingenious and fun thanks to the jungle animals drawn on it. Made of fluffy fabric, it is not likely to be damaged even if baby chews on it! Price: 6 euros

A mixed room that leaves you dreaming

Kiabi The Rabbit room signed Kiabi is suitable for both boys and girls since it is immaculate. You can then accessorize it with color elements or opt for accessories from the same range, in white and gray tones.

A functional baby changer

Kiabi If you are used to changing your little one in your room, you still need to be well equipped! This removable mattress protector is easy to put on and take off when changing your child's diaper. Price: 10 euros

Dressing the little ones in winter

Kiabi When winter comes around, romper and pajamas are no longer enough to warm your child. This angel nest with rabbit print will be much warmer and ideal for falling asleep during nap time. Price: 20 euros

Foldable storage

Kiabi This storage box has the particularity of being foldable, which is very practical in a small baby room. You just have to store it in a cupboard and take it out when you need it, especially to transport toys in a playroom or in the living room for example. Price: 5 euros