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Miami in decoration

Miami in decoration

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One of the big decorative trends this summer is the Miami look. Understand beach (a lot), party (a little), bling-bling (but not too much). This translates into funny unusual objects that we scatter here and there in our decor, patterned wallpapers that twist the atmosphere and color, lively or pastel but always invigorating. So, to make a Florida wind blow in your interior, dare some eccentricities and invite pineapples, cacti and flamingos to your home. An overview in pictures of this trend from across the Atlantic that could brighten up your summer.

Flamingos in the house

4 Walls In a refined, rather sober room, we dare to twist the atmosphere with a wallpaper with flamingo patterns. This one, proposed by 4 Murs, is both punchy and elegant, with its background of a pretty mouse gray. In the blink of an eye, your room is transformed and in full trend.

Gold and pink: Miami is chic!

Bloomingville Miami is also pink, gold and shiny. Here, we like the very elegant side of brushed brass, associated with a pale pink imbued with softness. The silver polka dot cushions bring a touch of glossy reflections to perfection! For a feminine and brilliant atmosphere.

The ocean as a backdrop

4 Walls Mint blue, lagoon style, is also a favorite shade in the Miami Beach trend. So we gladly cover a section of wall with this shade of water and use pastel for accessories. Result? A colorful, invigorating and graphic atmosphere in the living room.

Just in touch!

Urban Outfitters The Miami look is also adopted in spikes, like here with a cushion printed with banana leaves. This task of green blends perfectly in an environment that plays on the palettes of cream, ivory and white. It brings a touch of exoticism without overdoing it. We love !

The iconic pineapple

H&M Home In the Miami trend, we do not forget the pineapple! This geometric fruit has become an emblem and we see it everywhere, in all forms. H & Home integrates it with us with a pretty candle hidden in a golden container, shining with a thousand lights. A candlestick in the shape of a palm tree, unusual, will also find its place in an interior so Miami.

Fun (and birds) in the pool

Urban Outfitters When we say Miami, we obviously mean a villa with a pool. If you are lucky enough to have them at home, it is imperative to invest in fun buoys, in the shape of swans or flamingos (and why not pineapple!), Under penalty of being completely next to it of THE summer trend. Because Miami is also, and above all, party, fun and carefree.

Pure juice cups

Urban Outfitters Around the pool, we drink cocktails or fresh juices but especially not in traditional glasses. This year, we are opting for cups with integrated lids and straws that throw them away. We love this watermelon proposed by Urban Outfitters which will quickly become the emblem of holidays placed under the sign of idleness.

A cactus in the decor

Goodnight Light (FLEUX) Another iconic element of the Miami trend: the cactus. It is available in many decorative objects, like the cactus lamp, this one being produced by Goodnight Light. Associated with some exotic textiles with plant prints and yellow (again!), It will be totally in tune.

Plant-based tableware

Bloomingville As for tableware and linen, this summer we opt for pretty palm prints. The drawn sheets become graphic and breathe a breath of poetry around the table. The color code remains the same with the bottom line, mint, pale pink and yellow.