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20 original DIY gifts to offer to wedding guests

20 original DIY gifts to offer to wedding guests

It's always nice, when you go to a wedding, to leave with a little something, a nice memory. Tradition has it that we offer sugared almonds in a pretty sachet to its guests ... Does that tempt you only very moderately? Don't panic, here are 20 pretty alternatives to prepare yourself. Trust us, your guests will be delighted!

Symbol of growing love

Elizabeth Demos Event Design

Here is a nice alternative to sugared almonds, just as symbolic. In small burlap bags, pack miniature trees ready to plant. Back home, each guest can plant it in their garden and watch it grow as your marriage evolves. Source: Project Wedding

Love and fresh water


So that, at your wedding, all your guests think about drinking water, customize pretty little glass bottles. Here, the pretty adage "Living with love and fresh water" is inscribed on the labels. Source: AndyCurly

Your two first names everywhere

Closer to Love Photography

This is a nice substitute for sugared almonds. We stay in the very sweet with these heart-shaped shortbread with pink sugar frosting. Of course, we do not forget to write the first names of the two married. Source: The Bride Next Door

Thank you, simply

Mr plus mr

On this special day, you are happy that those you love are there to accompany you. Why not just say thank you with good shortbread cookies? Source: Monsieur plus Madame

A mocha to rekindle them

Something Turquoise

In pretty glass tubes like test tubes, slide one by one all the ingredients necessary for making a mocha. Stick a nice label on the tube that you will have closed with a cork. Source: Something Turquoise

More than just labels

Keestone Events

If the meal following your wedding turns out to be a dinner or lunch, add a touch of originality to the name tags with these pretty miniature succulents. Source: Keestone Events

Love as sweet as honey

Original Wedding

The sweets that you offer to your guests do not have to be cakes. Bet on originality with a very small jar of homemade honey and a pretty custom label. Source: Original Marriage

Everyone loves Ferrero Rocher

Plan a Wedding Now

You can opt for a sweetness which, according to you, will be luckier than the unanimous sugared almonds with your guests. Why not opt ​​for ferrero rocher? Slip a few into large verrines that you close with golden lace. Source: Plan a Wedding Now

Canned succulents

The bride angry

What if each guest left with their little plant? Nothing could be simpler, they just fill small cardboard boxes with potting soil, plant small succulents there and close the boxes. The advantage of these pretty plants being that they do not need a lot of water, you can prepare your small gifts in advance. Source: The Bride in Anger

Everything to make cookies

The bride angry

In pretty glass jars, insert in layers the different ingredients necessary to make your favorite cookies. Close the containers with a fabric in your wedding colors and voila! When you return, each guest will think of you while tasting these delicious cookies. Source: The Bride in Anger

Personalized jars of jam

Panda's Bride

Was the fruit harvest particularly good this year? Make your own personalized label jams that you will distribute to your guests. Source: Bride of the Panda

Pretty chocolate bars

Small gifts

Personalize the packaging of chocolate bars in your wedding colors for a gourmet gift. Source: Small gifts

Elixir of love

Dolly Jessy

These pretty little glass bottles filled with cotton candy syrup could almost be reminiscent of elixirs of love. Source: Dolly Jessy

Glasses on the wedding date

Oh Happy Day / Mademoiselleg photography

Put your name and that of your husband and the date of your wedding on large plastic glasses. So every time your friends drink this glass at home, they'll think of you and this special day. Source: Oh Happy Day

Be forward-looking

Of love and decoration

Before the wedding ceremony, give each handkerchief in personalized cases. The mascara shouldn't run too much. Source: Love and decoration

Love to sow

Happy Chantilly

If you would prefer to give your friends and family gifts that last, choose a sachet filled with seeds to plant. Source: Happy Chantilly

Small tea cans

Wedding Ideas

Fill small metal cans with your favorite tea. Surround them with a pretty ribbon in the colors of your wedding and do not forget to personalize the labels. Source: Wedding Ideas

A toy as a souvenir

My guests

Why not offer a toy as a gift? We all played yoyo in the playground at some point in our lives, so it seems like the perfect choice. Choose the wooden one and stick pretty personalized labels on it. Source: My guests

Make the guests work


Have you prepared a nice little message to thank your guests for coming so many? If they want to be able to read it, they will have to work! Cut into pieces and enclosed in a transparent sphere, the message turned into a puzzle. Source: Bride