Original terrace coverings

Original terrace coverings

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Looking for an unusual coating for the terrace? We caught 8 to inspire you, with the styles that go with it. Overview, description.

Synthetic grass for a garden spirit

Castorama Fancy a terrace as green as the garden? What you need is synthetic grass! And now it takes on a very vegetal look to satisfy our need for greenery.

A mix of several coatings for an unusual quirky spirit

Leroy Merlin The mixture of several coverings on the same terrace. This is a style that we dare so that the terrace looks like everything except that of the neighbor. And it works! The proof in pictures with this terrace covered with parquet tiles, then with synthetic grass, and finally with pebble tiles. The whole forms an archi graphic unit which gives ideas… Like what, the originality is sometimes really worth the detour!

Sand for a Rio spirit

Casino Dreaming of a terrace with your feet in the sand, and telling yourself that it is possible… It's magic! So let's be crazy and take the example ...

Light carpets for a nomadic spirit

Maisons du Monde Covered with two extra fine carpets, themselves topped by two foldable armchairs, this terrace plays on the hut between nomadic humor and the wind of freedom. Carpets, or the best and inexpensive way to personalize a classic wooden floor / or the best way to feel inside and out.

Gravel for an "Atlantic coast" spirit

Maisons du Monde Upholstered with mini gravel, this terrace furnished with white woven rattan ensures a free round trip by the sea. Like off the Atlantic, its sand is not quite fine, but we love its noise under our feet! A little taste of vacation?

A "green" carpet for a "green makeover" spirit

Saint Maclou Customize the terrace floor, which you deem to be low-cost, at a lower cost, it's possible. Your ally: an XXL carpet making you forget the initial coating. As a bonus, we choose it in an ecological mode to have a good conscience, and voila!

Raw earth for a life-like spirit

Maisons du Monde Back to basics with a terrace content with raw earth. The same that originally composed it. Quite the opposite of overrated and ultra-stylish terraces!