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Wallpaper turns green for spring

Wallpaper turns green for spring

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To celebrate the arrival of spring in your interior, wallpaper is your ally! We then put on the trompe l'oeil wallpaper to create vegetal atmospheres in the house and enjoy the beautiful days. We have selected 10 models to help you choose!

Exotic decor

A3P Fancy a lush forest in your exotic-inspired bedroom? You will then bet on trompe l'oeil wallpaper that you will install on the wall of the headboard to give it depth and set the tone of the decor of the room.

Botanical plate

Lutece To bring the vegetation into your interior, you can also bet on a wallpaper like botanical board that will transform your walls into a herbarium for a very natural atmosphere.

A bamboo forest

Lutece For a Zen spirit, it is towards the wallpaper which imitates bamboo that you will turn. We choose a model that gives depth to your room thanks to a perspective game created by the trompe l'oeil effect.

Bamboo as a motif

Ugepa If you want to revisit the plant spirit without projecting yourself into an imaginary setting, you can also bet on a wallpaper that uses the plant as a motif like this model which gives the impression that real bamboos have been placed on the wall.

Green wallpaper

A3P To evoke nature, nothing like the color green! We adopt an entirely green wallpaper which features a few leaf patterns drawn on overprint on the wall surface.

Green and vegetal wallpaper

Ferm Living The green wallpaper can also be enriched with abstract patterns which offer a vegetal spirit as on this model of a pretty green which is aired with plant patterns in white for a graphic and very decorative rendering.

A patchwork wallpaper

Homology If you want an original wall that exploits the plant universe, you will find original models that create a patchwork of plants in your interior. Your wall will then be adorned with several small paintings that highlight nature.

A floral wallpaper

Miss Print Who says plant universe, also says pretty flowers! So on a green wallpaper, we fall for pretty graphic flowers that will put the wall on a spring air.

A green wall

Ella Doran Finally, if you want to bring nature into your interior, you can opt for the trompe l'oeil of the English designer Ella Doran who will offer you a superb decoration of tree leaves on your wall.