10 lights to lighten the house

10 lights to lighten the house

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To put the house under the sign of the beautiful days, we have the habit of lightening its cupboards and its decoration. And this also goes through lighting! We want a less cocooning light with lighter suspensions. We have selected 10 to put the house in spring mode.

A table lamp like a cloud

Ikea As for the table lamp, we put on a white plastic model which lets the light through while offering a cloud look. We love the shadows it spreads on the wall thanks to its original cutout.

A flowered wall lamp

Ikea To celebrate spring, we opt for a wall lamp that is adorned with small flowers to surround the bulb and revisit the traditional lampshade. Ideal for a wall lamp that changes!

A tutu lamp

Ikea At Ikea, you will find a table lamp in large format or in office format which takes on the appearance of a tutu to offer a light and airy atmosphere in your room while bringing a feminine touch.

A ball suspension

Ikea This original pendant lamp surrounds the bulb of flowers in suspension to remind the dandelion flowers on which one blows when one is a child. The effect is very spring!

Openwork wooden suspensions

Maisons du monde For a natural spirit, we put on suspensions made from light wood and which offer a structure that takes on the appearance of sculpture lightly in the room.

Rattan hanging lights

La Redoute Rattan is not only trendy in the garden, it is also installed on lights to offer aerial and very natural suspensions which will be ideal in a refreshing decor.

Linen pendant lights

La Redoute To have your pendant lights follow the changes in the materials of your living room, opt for very light linen models that will let light through elegantly while responding to your curtains.

Japanese ball suspensions

La Redoute For a timeless style that will settle in a contemporary interior as well as a more classic interior, the rice paper hanging balls will be of the most beautiful effect!

Egg lights

Homology And to decorate the house, we offer this funny light that offers six light "eggs" to move around the house lightly.