10 ideas of plants to flower your garden

10 ideas of plants to flower your garden

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For spring 2013, the Willemse company based in the North of France has selected the best plants on the market. Here are 10 new features that will allow you to flower your garden with abundance and originality.

"Red Glory" scented begonia

Willemse France Begonia is a magnificent plant found in all gardens in our regions. This variety of Red Glory fragrant begonias is remarkable for its avalanche of large, bright red double flowers, carried by long, flexible stems.

Double Lily "Flore Pleno"

Willemse France With a certain elegance from the top of its meter in height, this orange lily will delicately raise your beds and borders during the summer period. Once cut, you can also compose superb bouquets for your interior.

Amaryllis "Evergreen"

Willemse France If you want to create a Japanese garden, this Evergreen amaryllis is essential for your decoration. It will be enjoyed in the open ground as well as in your veranda interior or in a well-lit room.

"Vancouver" decorative dahlias

Willemse France Their large flowers with white ends will stand out by decorating the beds in your garden. You will enjoy the spectacular effects of these dahlias which can reach a meter, throughout the summer until winter frosts.

Dahlia "Sunburn"

Willemse France This multicolored plant is full of nuances, with its two-color flowers combining white and orange. Thanks to it, your beds and borders will light up throughout the summer until the first frosts of winter.

Leukocorynes mixed

Willemse France The leucocoryne, or Glory of the sun, is a bulbous plant from Chile. Quite confidential with us, it offers lovely flowers carried by long stems.

White "Bat" plant

Willemse France La Tacca Nivea, or bat plant, comes to us from distant Asian forests. This tropical plant with brilliant green foliage is remarkable with its long and fine filaments.

Amaryllis "Exotic Peacock"

Willemse France With its red and white flowers, the Amaryllis Exotic Peacock exudes a pleasant freshness! This variety of "exotic peacock" amaryllis will offer two-tone flowers up to 20 cm in diameter.

Dahlia with anemone flowers "Smarty"

Willemse France Lovely variety with two-color flowers, ideal for enlivening your beds and especially composing beautiful, colorful bouquets.