A new collection of Fornasetti wallpapers

A new collection of Fornasetti wallpapers

A prolific designer of the 20th century, Piero Fornasetti has created a vocabulary rich in color and very identifiable. Cole and Son publishes a new collection of 15 wallpapers, wide friezes and panoramic, which take up the emblematic and dreamlike designs specific to the artist's style. An invitation that transports your interior in a mysterious and poetic atmosphere.


Au Fil des Couleurs This trompe l'oeil drawing is designed as a decorative screen from the 1950s, it represents strange objects drawn in lines in graphic tones of black, gray, white and red.

Party People

Au Fil des Couleurs Owls often appear in Fornasetti's drawings. In Indian wire, like perched on a wire, they seem to watch your interior.

New world

Au Fil des Couleurs Flying machines, extraordinary animals evoke the New World and scientific exploration that arouse curiosity.


Au Fil des Couleurs Here is a wallpaper which opens a window on a tree populated with multicolored birds just behind the gate of a park. A corner of blue sky for a breath of fresh air.


Au Fil des Couleurs Discover Fornasetti's favorite collection for whips, canes and umbrellas. Colorful, this frieze on a black background will dramatize an entrance or a corridor.

Fountain pens

Au Fil des Couleurs A large frieze of ancient, well aligned pen holders adorns the wall with their moiré colors. In an office or library, it instills a surreal spirit.


Au Fil des Couleurs Rare fish and clown fish swim in cobalt blue waters and inhabit an imaginary underwater world.


Au Fil des Couleurs Representing theater boxes occupied by elegantly dressed little characters, find the whole Fornasetti universe originally created for umbrella stands.


Au Fil des Couleurs The wallpaper takes you on its multi-tandem into the incredible universe of Fornasetti and his passion for cycling.