An extension to enlarge your house

An extension to enlarge your house

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A hexagonal extension


This extension is interesting insofar as it contrasts with the house to which it is attached:

  • With its original hexagon shape already, which adds character to the architecturally very classic building.
  • With the dark wood which offers a perfect contrast to the white of the main house.

But ultimately, the extension has been so well thought out that it seems to have always existed and fits perfectly into the environment!

An extension with glass airlock to connect two houses


Very modern, this wooden extension allows to offer an additional room to the main building that is both ecological and aesthetic. The glass airlock that connects the main house to the extension allows to add brightness, and to create a demarcation between the two areas.

The extension would then be perfect in a playroom for children, or as a movie theater for the whole family!

A tone-on-tone extension


This veranda, which remains in exactly the same spirit as the main house (same bricks, same windows), serves here as a new dining room.

It allows, by creating an additional room, to free up space in the house, and also brings a lot of light on the front of the house.

A fully glazed extension


To bring a maximum of light into your extension, do not hesitate, and bet on the100% glass extension, which allows you to create an extra bright room in which you can, as desired, create:

  • A TV corner in addition to the living room (practical, especially for large families!);
  • A quiet reading corner;
  • A small patio…

An extension that makes additional entry


The verandas can be installed on the garden side to offer a nice view of the greenery whatever the season ... but they can also be placed on the entrance side, to precisely enlarge the access.

To preserve the privacy of the occupants as much as possible (in the case of non-individual houses or in town), the windows of the extension can be in frosted or smoked glass: no risk of vis-à-vis!

Upstairs extension


If, in most cases, the extensions are located on the ground floor and open onto the garden of the main house, they can also be used to enlarge the floors of a house! And constitute a bedroom, an office, or the additional room of your choice, according to your needs.

A classic arched veranda


This arched veranda fits perfectly into its environment. The straight and clean lines of the main house agree with those of the veranda which, in fine weather, gives a magnificent access to the garden.

A veranda that subtly extends the house


What is interesting with verandas and extensions is that they always adapt to the different materials that make up the houses. Whether your home is made of stones, bricks or half-timbering ... there is bound to be a veranda that will suit him, especially if you opt for classic materials and large openings to the outside!

A veranda and an awning


A "two in one" extension system which allows you to protect yourself from the cold under the veranda in winter ... but also from the strong sunshine in summer, sheltered under the awning. An extension that allows you to get rid of the received idea of ​​the veranda where it is too hot during the summer, and too cold the rest of the year!

An extension in winter garden mode


One of the great interests of the extension or the veranda is to create a room that looks out onto the outside and offers a breathtaking view of the garden ... but which can be closed when the weather is fine. not lend it to it. When the cold season no longer allows you to enjoy the terrace or the garden, it's time to switch to the veranda in winter garden or patio mode!